Share what you know

One of our strongest held beliefs at my agency is that it’s a wise marketing practice to give away what you sell.  We fight and struggle to get a prospect’s attention and when we do, the first thing we want to do is show them what we know and how we can help them. So […]

The Shifting Population And What It Means To You

As if juggling all your day-to-day tasks isn’t enough, as marketers we really need to keep track of the trends that will have impact on our business, services and products. The shifting population is a trend that is definitely going to change the way we all do business.  The world is getting smaller, literally and […]

What will be different in ’09?

Ready or not, 2009 is here.  By now, you should have your marketing plan for the year completed so you can hit the ground running. But…the percentages say you haven’t even started. Would you like to know how you can significantly improve your business right out of the shoot? If you’ve got it in you, […]

Quality. Service. Value. Who needs them?

It’s time to stop beating your chest in your marketing. There are some words, like quality, service and value that are so overused in marketing materials that consumers just tune them out. They’ve lost all meaning and credibility and using them can actually hurt you. They don’t enhance your message, they cloud it. These words […]

You can’t create cool. Can you?

You can’t create cool. Can you?

Let’s face it.  Everyone is envious of Apple right now.  They were the king of cool with the iPod.  But then they got out cooled.  By the iPhone. Who doesn’t want to be the iPod or iPhone of their industry? But that’s the rub.  The more you chase cool, the less likely you are to […]

What Motivates People To Buy?

One of the biggest challenges for business owners and marketers is to step out of their own shoes and slip into the shoes of the buyer. You need to put aside your own bias and perceptions and always remember that when creating marketing messages, the bottom line is – you have to create the need […]

Choose Your Words Carefully

Once or twice a week, I walk into my neighborhood dry cleaners with an armful of shirts. As the clerk (and it doesn’t matter which one) approaches the counter, they hopefully ask “just dropping off?” And I always reply, “Nope, I need to pick up as well.” Then, as if it was a choreographed part […]

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