Mplanet 2006 Kicks Off!

UPDATE: You can now visit day 2 of my coverage of Mplanet 2006 and day 3 of Mplanet 2006.

I’ve been in Orlando FL, for a couple of days now, eagerly awaiting Mplanet 2006 – but today, I went there.

Held at the splendiferous Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, I was greeted by Rachelle Lacroix from Fleishman, who gave me an exclusive Mplanet bag full of goodies. Everyone who received a bag, found to their surprise an Mplanet 2006 notebook, program schedule and (notably) a special pen – checkout the photos!

Myself at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
Here I am, about to regster and recieve my Press pass.

The Mplanet 2006 bag provided to me on entry.
On collecting my Press pass, I was surprised with a bag of goodies.

My official Mplanet 2006 pen - As is.
This is the cool pen they gave us.

The pen's built-in USB storage was jam packed with supplementary materials.
Since I don’t have a USB pen drive, this will come in handy – especially with all the supplementary materials which are stored on there.

As you can see from the photos, the pen has USB storage (256mb of space with supplementary materials taking up a bit over 100mb) built-in. Not only could the pen be used as a ‘pen drive’ but it also has the option to attach an LED/laser light (not included). Whilst this was all fine and dandy, it’ll make me extra skeptical as to whether the rest of the ‘unconference’ will be as glamorous.

After gathering my bag I ventured over to where the event sponsors were exhibiting. At the top of the elevator they had bottles of Evian water to wash down our ‘food for thought’. When I got to the hall where the sponsors were, I was actually surprised at how few people were there, considering that I had heard that 1200 people were attending. I visited a couple of sponsors (including Fed Ex whose Stall was ironically delayed) and collected some ‘food for thought’.

Unfortunately for me though, I fell ill and was disappointed that I had to leave early and miss out on meeting up with fellow blogger, Josh Hallet. I guess I’m not used to stomaching monster servings of fast food, day in day out for two and a half days straight. I’m feeling much better now and I’m eager as ever to see what will come about of the first real day at Mplanet 2006.

Be sure to also checkout the coverage of other bloggers attending the event such as Josh Hallet, Eric Kintz, Rootly and Garrett French.

Stay tuned, folks…
Robert Kingston

Robert Kingston

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  1. Welcome to America Rob, where fast food is KING!!!

  2. Very interesting how increasingly bloggers, podcasters and others are being invited to cover events such as this. More and more PRs are becoming switched on to the benefits engaging with us all 🙂 Enjoy yourself!

  3. Looking good so far Rob – can’t wait for more photos 🙂

  4. Hey Guys,

    Cheers, there are more to come! I’ve met up with several blggers today too. The key focus seems to be all about social media and customer satisfaction.

    Speak soon,

  5. Nice article, loved the pictures.