Google Lively – A Platform For Marketing?

Many of you may be aware that Google has launched a new service for websites called Google Lively – a lightweight competitor to Second Life. As this popped up, many marketing bloggers online have begun talking about how this might be relevant for for marketing purposes. I can’t say I have ignored it. In fact, […]

Ten Website Conversion Tips

From my work, I notice a lot of businesses think that throwing money at advertising is what they need to get more customers. Sure it’ll help, but why waste your money when you can convert more leads for less cash? Out of the research I’ve done and my own experience, here are a few checkpoints […]

Do You Know The New Definition of Marketing?

Do You Know The New Definition of Marketing?

You may have recognised, that in the past few years, the way which we communicate, share ideas and exchange value has dramatically changed. People are discounting messages they encounter through the media, more than ever and marketers are forced to interact with customers on a wide variety of different channels. This, combined with the newfound […]

Krishna De Nominated for Irish Blogging Awards

The Irish Internet Association and Enterprise Ireland have nominated Krishna De, one of our great writers on this blog, for the titles of “Best Blogger” and “Best Podcaster”! She is the author of a number of popular blogs such as: BizGrowth News Todays Women in Business The Podcast Sisters Talking Coaching On top of that, […]

Brand Rally: Experts To Brand Windsor, Ontario

You may remember my old post back a short while ago about Ed Roach from the Branding Experts, and how he is going to brand his city of Windsor. Well, he’s upped the ante now, and is working with Derrick Daye from The Blake Project to give Windsor a reputation that it’s proud of. So […]

How Would You Like To Write For Small Business Branding?

Have you ever considered blogging for a larger audience? Perhaps you would like somewhere to showcase your marketing potential? Maybe you want to attract exciting opportunities for your business. Or could you benefit from adding this website to your resume? Well before we get into that, I’d like to extend you an invitation to write […]

How Would You Brand Windsor, Ontario?

It’s a tough question, but Ed Roach of The Branding Experts is undertaking the noble project of branding his city – all via the blogosphere. On his blog, Brand Corral, Ed is hoping that people will leave him some ‘unscientific data’ about his city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in the form of comments. All he […]

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