SBB Invited To Cover Mplanet 2006!


I’ve been very excited this month. It’s been tough enough just to hold in the news but I’m finally able to tell you all!

Mplanet 2006 will be covered here on Small Business Marketing and BrandingThe kind folks at Fleishman-Hillard (A global communications consultancy) have invited me to cover the new and unique marketing event – Mplanet 2006. A world-class event organized chiefly by the AMA (American Marketing Association), with the help of various other marketing firms, including Fleishman. I’ll scour it from beginning to end (29 November to 1 December), right here on Small Business Branding.

I’ll be bringing you all the finest and freshest insight into marketing, as discovered by professionals from General Electric, Nokia, IBM, Best Buy and more than 1000 other marketing leaders.

The event will explore and dissect topics such as new media channels, innovation, future consumer trends, managing marketing in a changing economy, brand relevancy, B2B marketing and IMC. I’ll bring you the cream of the crop and distill away the jargon – bringing you only the most potent and practical advice for your enjoyment.

So, stay tuned for this exciting coverage by Small Business Branding.

Robert Kingston.

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  1. Robert, that is a sweet gig. I must say that I’m jealous. Enjoy the conference and represent SBB well. I know you will.


  2. Thanks guys…

    I’ll make the most of it and keep you posted with pictures from the front line.

  3. Congrats on the gig – looking forward to your coverage.

  4. Well done Rob, how fabulous! I look forward to hearing all the news. Cheers/Danielle

  5. I’ll be at Mplanet doing some blogging as well. We’ll have to link up in advance. I arrive on Wednesday afternoon.

  6. Me = Jealous

  7. Josh,
    That sounds like a great idea, I’ll just shoot you an email! I look forward to bing able to read your coverage too.

    Cheers Brad and Dani. Pictures are on the way!

  8. Hey Robert,

    Sweet gig…

    Can’t wait to hear all the goodies you’ll be reporting from the front lines!

    Have a blast!!


  9. Rob - says

    As many commentators here will be blogging the event that in itself is a marketing tactic that will be increasingly used.

    The best bit is a company of any size from one man to large corperations can have a presence on the web that incorperates advertizing straight to the customer by running or taking part in social networks and blogs that effectively target the audience for there products and if they hit upon a succeful viral strategy the word can get out into the a more wider audience will in time increase there customer base. Many B2B companies are now taking advantage of this to get there company and B2B services in front of a world wide audience, there are many trade directories from which products could be bought from or listing of companies for disposiong of suplus stock, before it time to find these sites as they dont usually rate high in search engines but more are now producing RSS feeds of their data and enabling the bringing together of business from around the world.