A Marketing Resolution


Let’s face it. We already know that you are not going to get everything done, in terms of marketing that you should or you want to. I know…hardly a jolly way to approach the start of a new year. But that’s our reality. We’ll never get to it all. So rather than lament about what we aren’t going to get to…let’s focus on what absolutely needs to be done.

By the end of THIS week, identify the one thing you could do that would have the most significant long-term impact on your business in 2008. Is it finally defining and knowing your brand? Is it creating a customer retention program? It is launching a new initiative? Whatever it is — commit to getting it done.

  • Write a very simple outline of what steps needs to get done
  • Create a calendar that corresponds to your outline
  • Be accountable. Tell your team your boss, your customers…whoever you know will hold you accountable to getting it done.

Then, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Do not ignore this one. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel once you get this major goal accomplished!

Why not take accountability to a whole new level? Tell all of us what you’re going to do and who knows, maybe we can help!

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  1. I had an experience recently with my Mac computer… The battery inflated; I don’t know how! So I logged on-line and came across this form. It asked for my mailing address and serial number; an easy quick step. Instantly I got an email advising me that I would receive a replacement battery! 4 business days letter, it’s here!!!

    I couldn’t believe how incredibly EASY this experience was! Not once did I get caught up on the phone with customer service…not once was I transferred to tech support and placed on hold…the customer service was impeccable and suddenly I’m their new biggest fan promoting their computer everywhere and to everyone!

    Anyway, this is how I want to make my clients feel after every interaction with me as we head into the New Year! I’ve written everything that I could possibly do to make clients comfortable and make them feel at is during their entire business interactions with me.

  2. Thats some really good advice. I run a service based company that is looking into expanding not only into other cities this next year but also into other services we provide and while both are obtainable, it makes more sense to accomplish one before the other. I have decided to expand upon the services we provide first and later move into servicing other cities. Thanks for the really great advice because I was sure going crazy trying to figure a way to accomplish both goals at once,guess I just needed someone to calm me down a little and get my thinking straight.

  3. A timely post. I run a marketing/PR company, and I’m constantly amazed at how many people don’t bother with a marketing plan. The new year is a fresh start for your plan.

    I just updated mine, and my big task in 2008 is to find worthwhile advertising. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Wish me luck!

    Susan Payton
    The Marketing Eggspert

  4. Aaron Stanley says

    Perhaps it would help motivate business owners by pointing out that the time spent on marketing their business is the most leveraged time they could possibly spend.

    For example, two hours spent writing a direct mail letter could turn into thousands of dollars in increased business.

    If business owners are spending their time working “IN” their business and not “ON” it, they’re squandering valuable time and resources.

    It really comes down to priorities. And the priorities should be where the money is…in marketing the thing…not just “doing” the thing!

  5. The best phrase I know “Think. Talk and Do in one clue”

  6. Marketing has to be a constant effort. Whether it’s a direct contact like networking to a passive effort such as direct mail, it is important to me and future leads to have pokers in the fire so to speak.

    A great deal of future business comes from exisiting clients. As we all appreciate, repeat business is less expensive to get and builds stronger relationships.

    Your article is a great New Year’s kick in the butt Drew.

  7. Online marketing is a crucial part of any marketing plan. You will of course want to finish your marketing plan so you can refine your activities, but you can begin improving your online marketing presence today by executing one or more of the strategies.

  8. Hi!!!
    i agree with the author’s comment in saying that marketing is all about give and take. There are no hard and fast rule to establish supremacy in terms of sales target and more over it is important for all online businesses.


  9. I need to have my marketing resolution is to become number 1 in the blogsphere by helping others

  10. Ricardo,

    I had a similar experience with Apple recently. I was having trouble with my wireless internet connection. After a very frustrating hour with the cable company, I called Apple support.

    The experiences were like night and day. Apple was prompt, helpful and actually made me feel like they cared if my problem was solved.

    You’re right, if we can make our clients feel that we’ve gone out of our way to make their experience a smooth one — we will not only win their loyalty but also their word of mouth marketing!


  11. Hey there “free blog reviews”–

    As business owners we feel this incredible pressure to build and grow as fast as we can. But that can actually kill a business.

    Growth is good. But growth that comes to fast, not so much. Good luck on following your plan!


  12. Susan,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I’m curious — why do you think you need to advertise? Are you talking paid advertising or just marketing in general?


  13. Aaron,

    You know I was wondering the same thing myself. Why don’t more businesses follow this common sense approach. But you know…it’s human nature to put out the biggest fires first.

    I think that’s how so many owners get sucked into the day to day grind of the business and don’t have time/energy to think/do big picture stuff.

    It’s one of the biggest dangers of owning a business, I think.


  14. Andry —

    Interesting quote. How do you apply it to your business?


  15. Ed,

    Both you and I know — marketing is not rocket science. It’s really just being disciplined enough to keep trudging along — doing the core things that need to be done.

    But…even when we know it, doesn’t mean we always do it. A reminder is always good!


  16. Rich,

    No argument from me on the power of online marketing. But to truly harness that power — it should be a part of a bigger picture. That way your offline marketing can help build your online tactics etc.


  17. Allen,

    If you actually implemented that strategy, I think you’d be amazed at how your business would grow.

    Come back and tell us how it’s working.