Facts Tell but Stories Sell!!–Tell Me A Story

Our culture loves a good story.  Stories are how information, principles, traditions, historical events have been passed down for generations.  Oprah has built a billion dollar mega corporation simply by telling ‘stories’ of the human kind.  Ronald Reagan, considered by many to be one of the greatest politicians was a master story teller.  The unconscious […]

Is There a Hierarchy in Social Media?

One question I have postulating for some time has just resurfaced by prominent blogger John Jantsch over at ducttapemarketing.com.  He says there is.  And I agree.  The basic theory is similar to Maslow’s theory that self-actualization cannot be achieved until the most basic human psychological needs such as breathing, eating, and sleeping are first met. […]

The Talking Logo- What You Really Do for a Living

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re at a networking event and someone inevitably asks you….”What do you do for a living?” What do you say? If you’re like most people you have the generic answer, “I’m in the mortgage business” or “I’m an account executive” or ” I own a small business” and you […]

Twitter D and Twitter Dumb!

Twitter? I have a group of friends that are NOT technologically savvy. They don’t know a hard drive from a long drive. They do know sales and how to run a business, so how and why would they want to take the time to learn about social networking and Twitter specifically? Well let’s first take […]

Differentiate or Die: Standing Out In A Crowd

How important a core difference is essential to marketing success. Quite often a small business owner will ask me to reveal the most powerful marketing strategy I have seen. The answer may surprise you. The most powerful marketing strategy I know has little to do with direct mail, adverting, special promotions, websites or referrals. No, […]

Why You Should UP Marketing In A DOWN Market

There is no arguing that we are facing a down turn in our economy, I’m not ready to call it a recession yet, but we are definitely feeling the pinch. That is the nature of business-it goes in cycles of ups and downs. When the market slows and sales start to drop, owners’ first instinct […]

Pay Per Click (PPC)-Why You Should Care?

If you aren’t actively marketing for local search prospects, you are missing out big time. With close to 300 million searches per day, there is no denying that people use search engines. But do they use them when looking for local products and services? There is an abundance of public data suggesting that as high […]

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