Live Transfer vs. Telemarketing: Generate More Sales with a new Approach to Customer Calling

With the growing popularity of using high-tech mediums to connect with customers, one might assume that former, more traditional methods would be rendered obsolete. However, phone calls aren’t simply being replaced by emails and text messages; they’re actually evolving right along with them for a more complete marketing system.

In an effort to stray from the bad reputation of telemarketing, a new process called live transfer takes a streamlined, customized and cost-effective approach to marketing. Since this technique is relatively new, it might be helpful to better understand what distinguishes live transfers from telemarketing, and why the former is a much more superior method.

What Exactly is a Live Transfer?

For a more detailed look at this unique method, consider the following example of an average live transfer interaction. A telemarketing specialist calls five customers who have proven to be potential leads for your company. Three of the customers quickly dismissed the call, while the remaining two showed strong interest in hearing more about the company and converting to sales.

By filtering out uninterested customers, a live transfer connects companies with only the most serious prospects to improve efficiency and save time. Because of this more sophisticated design, live transfers deliver some of the highest conversion rates when compared with alternative marketing campaigns.

Instead of having your employees waste time trying to convince the three uninterested customers, your company only receives those two callers who have revealed significant interest in making a sale. This process saves time without sacrificing your company’s outreach to potential customers, which allows for a more effective campaign. Not to mention, live transfers save you money by eliminating the need for more workers and employee time spent on generating leads.

The Subtle Differences Between Telemarketing and Live Transfers

For those who have personally experienced telemarketing, the differences between the two methods will be quite obvious. However, for those few who have little-to-no experience on either end of telemarketing, the following will illustrate the very distinct differences between it and live transfers.

Unlike live transfers, telemarketing is non-discriminatory and assumes every person who answers the phone is interested in what they have to say. Naturally, this method tends to lead to a rather pushy sales method that has given the process a bad reputation since it was first instated.

Alternatively, live transfers have a different goal in mind. Where telemarketers are looking to convert as many callers as possible, the primary goal of live transfer professionals is to find candidates that are interested. This appeals to the customer because it adds convenience to the buying process for a product or service they are truly interested in.

It also appeals to the business in question because it connects them with interested buyers before the competition draws their attention away. Since live transfers take the feelings of the customers into consideration, it’s a much more respected method than telemarketing. The latter tends to see those on the other end of the line as customers only, rather than people too.

Making the Smart Choice for Your Business

Every successful business owner knows that one of the most fundamental rules of success is catering to the needs and wants of the customer. Although telemarketing has soured many of the benefits that come from personal telephone calls to customers, live transfers have helped to change public opinion on this technique. With a method that satisfies both parties involved, live transfers are the ultimate choice for businesses looking for greater efficiency and more conversions.

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