#6 Growing A Powerful Brand Through A Loyal Community [Podcast]

Never before has community been so useful to help small businesses build their brands. This is always a fascinating topic because if you can pull it off, a loyal community will spread the word and defend you when you hit a rough patch.

This week, we talk to Lain Ehmann of Layout a Day. Listen to her talk about how she built a loyal following and a fantastic brand from something she enjoys doing – scrapbooking.


Key Takeaways

  • Find your unfair advantage and leverage it.
  • Be intentional. Find ways to bring your identity to life in every piece of communication.
  • Be careful not to get clannish. Think of ways how to make the community something people want to be part of but not be exclusive.
  • Allow your community to ‘own it’.


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Layout a Day – Check out Lain’s site.

#5 Why You May Be Giving Up Too Easily [Podcast]

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’d probably think. Nope, not me. I don’t give up easily. My question to you is, are you sure?

As someone who is very driven, the last thing I’d say about myself. It’s not possible. In fact, someone once sent me a card commending my determination. However, thinking back, there are lots of things inside our business itself that I’ve given up on and many of them – now I realize, far too quickly, much too easily. Listen in as I unpack this.


Key Takeaways

  • Don’t stop promoting. If you don’t talk about it every now and then, nobody will.
  • Give other channels and modes of spreading the word a chance. When we say we’ve tried everything to promote our product and talked to everyone, is that really true?
  • Give it enough time.


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#4 Why It Pays To Author A Book [Podcast]

With the Kindle revolution these days, it seems like everyone has a book. Does it even mean anything anymore to be called an author? The truth is, it still is very much a big deal to be an author of a book. It’s great for business and it can do wonders for your brand if done right.

Our guest Kristen Eckstein talks to us this week why you don’t want to publish on the Kindle only, when is the right time to choose Kindle, and a lot more.


Key Takeaways

  • Books help you reach new people
  • Books strengthens your authority
  • Don’t ruin your brand, proof read and get your book done professionally


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#3 How To Break Free From Small Tasks and Focus On Big Ones [Podcast]

If you’re spending a lot of time working, are the stuff you working on the things that matter or are they small stuff that don’t bring in the bacon? Though the small things still need to be done for your business to run smoothly, we’ll talk how to effectively hand them over to someone else.


Key Takeaways

  • Train your people
  • Create good training that doesn’t require you to be present
  • Don’t keep all your knowledge to yourself
  • Creating training is an investment


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#2 Building Your Personal Brand Even When Your Domain Is Taken [Podcast]

Because we have to carry it throughout our lives, our names are so important to us. In real life, we may share the same name with others but online, only one person can hold that domain. So what happens when you try to register your own name and it’s taken?


In this podcast, we talk to Connie Ragen Green who found herself in that exact situation. Listen in to learn what she did about it, went on to build a super successful business with it.

Learn more from Connie through her 10K Laser Coaching Program.

#1: Goals And How To Stick With Them All Year

With the new year, our podcast is revived and have every intention of keeping it going through the year (and beyond). That’s the important thing isn’t it? Setting goals and wanting something for the new year is one thing. Taking action on it and keeping on doing it for the whole year is a whole other thing. What better way than to kick off our podcast talking just about that?

Join me (Lynette Chandler), Melissa Ingold of SpecialReportsClub.com and Kelly McCausey from SoloSmarts.com as we casually chat about:

  • Our direction for 2013 and how they come to be
  • Why you need a WHY and how it should change over time
  • How growth doesn’t always equal doing more
  • Branding consistently across your sites
  • Content Curation – this is awesome. We spent a bit of time on this but packed great tips into just a few minutes
  • Ways to keep your why, words and overall goals in front of you all year

Mentioned Resources

Mastermind group for women – SoloMasterminds

Kelly McCausey’s Smart Podcasting Skills

Why Your Site Stats Matter – Especially To Your Bottom Line

Talks about knowing your website statisticsIf you’ve listened to our past podcasts, you would have learned about Kelly McCausey. Kelly is the owner of SoloSmarts, a resource and podcast for small businesses. She’s always gives me something to think about and some fabulous action steps each time I talk to her, no matter how ‘old’ the topic seems to be.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to get Kelly on the phone with me to talk about website statistics. It was such a good chat, we went over time. We covered things like:

  • Why you’re missing out big chunks of free market research when you’re only watching your page views and number of visitors.
  • How stats can help you laser target content topics your customers are interested in so you can go create more of them.
  • How your stats can tell you if you are wasting time and money creating content nobody cares for.
  • How your website statistics can give your bottom line a healthy boost almost immediately.
  • How your stats can help you boost your rankings in the search engines and make search engine optimization a breeze to boot.
  • The difference between Google Analytics and your webhost’s website stats and why one is better of the other especially when working with ad networks.

Listen in on the interview, click the player above or download the audio to take it with you.

Kelly will be holding a “Know Your Blog Stats Worshop” to show us step-by-step how to really mine our statistics for better profits. The workshop will be held October 13th. Learn more about this workshop and how to get access and recordings.

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