Content Strategy Ideas That Work & Won’t Burn You Out

Chris Bennet of 97th Floor shares some wonderful content strategy ideas. The heart of the message – repurpose your content. Check out the presentation to see how he suggests doing it.

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8 Steps to Creating a Compelling “About Us” Page

8 Steps to Creating a Compelling About Us Page-060514

When someone clicks through to your “about us” page they’re looking to connect to you in a completely different way than if they click on any other page of your website. They are genuinely seeking to know how your company can solve their issues or fulfill a promise made. They want to see what makes […]

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5 Ways to Pick a Great Domain Name That Fits Your Brand

5 Ways to Pick a Great Domain Name-060514

Picking a great domain name that fits your brand is an important business decision. Likely, up there with some of the most key decisions you’ll ever make, and one you may be stuck with for a long time. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to give domain naming some thought before you […]

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Brand Strategically: How To Tell When Your Graphic Designer Doesn’t “Get” Branding


There’s a great deal of discussion these days in regard to branding and re-branding. Typically branding is seen to be the domain of the big players in the marketplace. But what was formerly thought to be only available to them is now available to the rest of us – small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) […]

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Why your small business simply must have a memorable phone number

Business phone on white background

When you’re picking a telephone number to promote your small business, getting a memorable phone number, rather than any string of digits, could make a significant difference to how many of your customers, or potential customers, respond. So, what constitutes a memorable number? This can depend on a number of factors, including whether you want […]

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How to Write Effective Product Descriptions to Capture More Sales

Tips for Writing Effective Productions Descriptions-030414

Understanding Your Sales Model For all the talk about the best ways to shift traditional sales models and techniques to the online world, there’s one important aspect you always need to keep in mind. In contrast to a traditional brick and mortar store, an online customer can’t really look at the product you’re selling – […]

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How To Make Brand Difference Sell For You.

Time for Change

I read an interesting blog today. The author felt that using differentiation as a brand strategy was misguided. He felt that being different wasn’t enough considering that many people purchase things based on a commitment in their minds. Being different wasn’t enough of a reason to change their minds. I think he was well intentioned […]

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