It’s Not About How You Start


I’m at the WebCamp Live event this weekend by Armand Morin, and each morning, Jim Howard opens the event. Jim and his wife Chris used to run a printing company and has helped many businesses with their branding. Their story is so very inspiring and Jim is a fabulous speaker. Today, he mentioned something that I’ve heard […]

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6 Highly Shareable Quote Image Ideas


I don’t tire of quote images. Even collect them on Pinterest. I’m likely not the only one. Perhaps that is why images are the most shared posts on social media. Creating them is also simple and I’ve usually stuck with quotes but sometimes it can get a bit boring. Especially when all you post are […]

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6 Fixes For Feeble Landing Pages

Landing page fixes

What do you do when you put up a landing page and find it doesn’t convert so well? Do you throw your hands up and say, I tried, but it didn’t work? I hope not. The right answer is to tweak it. Maybe the offer isn’t right – that’s of course a big one but […]

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Habits of Unsuccessful People. Do You Spot Yourself?


I’ve heard it many times especially during webinars and interviews with successful people. They would sometimes say that there’s nothing different about them. That they too put on their pants one leg at a time like you do. They say there isn’t anything really special about them and that means whatever they achieve you can […]

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Why Customers Should Be Your Brand Hero And How


Came across this presentation today on Slideshare. Essentially, it’s about Brand Democracy where the heart of it is letting your customers become the story behind your brand. Check it out. What do you think? Do you agree? Are you already practicing this and how? Show us what you’ve done.

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10 Ways To Master Your Tech & Work (Way) Faster


It may have been mentioned before, but my husband always comments on how quickly I can fly through small tasks on my computer and be done before he even starts typing. Overall the two key areas that let me do that are: Getting better at touch typing. I began learning to type on a typewriter (yeah […]

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Should Solopreneurs Use “We”?


A question that comes up pretty often for solo entrepreneurs is if the they should refer to themselves as We and Us or I and Me. Many use we because it make us sound like a bigger company. I must admit. In the beginning – when it was just me running the show, I used […]

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