3 Steps to Finding Your Peak Productivity Zone

3 Steps to Finding Your Peak Productivity Zone-012815

Why is it when you sit down at your desk to do a few minutes of work and hours later it’s still not done? Is it overwhelm? Distraction? Could be. Another reason could be you’re operating outside of your productivity zone. Not many of us are conscious where our productivity zone lies. Even long after […]

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Get Real! Brand Authenticity and You.

Get Real- Brand Authenticity and You-012815

Today’s marketplace is a great place for brands and their advocates to exist. Traditionally, prior to the web, all a brand could do was to make their consumers “aware” of their brand was using advertising channels such as bill boards, transit, radio, TV and public relations. Once a consumer got wind of the brand that […]

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5 Tips To Keep Life & Business Goals From Colliding

5 Tips To Keep Life & Business Goals From Colliding-010715

Apart from financial gain, the desire to have more time for themselves and/or family is among the top reasons many give for starting their own business. Yet, those of us who have ventured out know – family time is the first to get sacrificed. We want to fulfill a lifelong goal, but we don’t get […]

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Now’s the Time to Step-up your Game – AGAIN!

2015 is the year that you’re going to do things a little differently. The time is right to step up your game. Without gazing at the past too much, recognize that that was how you used to conduct business. That’s when all you’re best strategies delivered on making your brand better, more memorable amidst your stakeholders. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

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Why Are You Afraid Of Me?


I’m seeing more and more of this -especially on tech sites. On the contact us page all they offer you is a form so that they can qualify you. What I don’t see is anything about where they are located, what they’re phone number is etc. For me, I want to know where you’re from. […]

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5 Best Resources To Learn A New Language

Air balloons with flags isolated on white

Perhaps you are looking into setting up offices in a different country – or hope to. Or, maybe you’re hoping to connect better with staff or customers from a particular region. Photo Credit © Depositphotos.com/Mishchenko Whatever your reasons may be, learning a different language has many benefits for entrepreneurs. Besides business benefits, bilingualism is also […]

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Boost Lead Generation With Testimonials


When I first started online, one of the things that was taught to me was to put testimonials on dedicated opt-in pages. The whole idea is to treat these pages like a page where you sell an actual product. It’s quite interesting to see that even after all this time, this little case study shows that testimonials still […]

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