It’s Great To Be Scared.

Everyday journalists deliver fear. Their favorite chant is, “It’s going to get worse, before it gets better.” Brilliant. Obama’s favorite word before the election was CHANGE – after the election – it’s CRISIS. It doesn’t take much effort to state the obvious. Both the president and the media’s opinion directly affect the market place. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Naomi Klein’s, Shock Doctrine touches on this phenomenon. It suggests, that institutions of influence can put forward agendas when their constituency are in fear, as opposed to being secure. The power brokers are embracing fear and using it as the motivator. Media are looking for viewership and politicians want buy-in.

Embracing fear is an intriguing motivator.

When you’re a business in fear, your first inclination is to turtle up and pull in all extremities and knuckle down. This only results in the worst kind of “shrinkage.” You leave yourself with nothing to work with. Sure you have a sense of security, but is it really? In the wild, once the turtle is flipped over and exposed – death is certain. Business is no different.

I say you should grab fear head-on and embrace its power. If this is to be a long haul as the geniuses predict, then it is to your advantage to sell and service with great old fashioned gusto. One thing that you can count on, is all your competition are in fear also and I’ll bet that you’re witnessing them pull in and hunkering down. You could follow them into the abyss, OR… you could be the one who sees fear as the ally NOT the enemy.

I’m seeing fear in my circle of influence as the motivator. And that motivation is producing results. As a business owner- you put it all on the line anyway. What’s really changed? Even if you experience shrinkage – it’s not what you have that counts it how you use it right?! Embrace channels of promotion you have thus far ignored. Come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

There’s great business to be had. Are you scared enough to grasp it?


  1. The Blogger Source says

    I see it as a wake up call. You need to be scared from time to time to kick you in the butt in order to take action.

  2. In your scenario TBS, pain fuels motivation. The economy is inspiring many to go out on their own. You’re right – it provided the necessary kick!

  3. Economically bad times offer a lot of opportunities to those willing to take a risk.
    Being an entrepreneur always involves risk, but when ou know the risk level it becomes a lot less risky.

  4. As much as I’m hating the dark cloud over our heads- I feel that finally people are pushing themselves and being forced to think. Marketers are coming up with even fresher ideas because of pressure put on them. I love recession prove branding- and the fact that many companies are now taking the leap and pushing boundaries- knowing that when this economic crisis is over- they’ll emerge in better positions in the market!

  5. Oh, I agree with everything you said. This administration is using fear to impulse their own agenda.
    I agree, Crisis are always great, they force people to change and humankind to evolve and progress more and more

  6. For me Mara, that dark cloud fuels new business, as companies move to take their brand positioning more seriously. During the last recession, companies pulled in their reins – this time because the fear is greater, I’m seeing the opposite. I’m also seeing a lot of start-ups. At the end of this month I’m addressing a group of immigrants who have recently started businesses on the value of their brand.

    JLT, It is all on your outlook. The troubling thing for those who are not entrepreneurs is that the economy is happening to them, they are not in control. We on the other hand, are continually changing the rules to suit our own success.

  7. It is great to face fear. Of course only people who are great can face fear. Scared people are those people who do not face their fear. In business risk is always a part of it. The businessmen who manage the risks are great businessmen.

  8. Vic, I would find it harder to ignore what frightens me. I’m the type of person who deals with the hard choices first, then I forge on.

    Nice points.

  9. I can totally relate Ed, for my online business it takes a lot of faith and walking through fear on a daily basis, the financial crap shoot sure keeps me on my toes, but I believe in it and myself and just keep going.

  10. Exactly IM, we walk above the fear and never look back. Your motivation is obviously faith in yourself.

  11. @ Ed
    Exactly Ed, and I even think without I would not be as motivated as I am.