What’s Your Attitude?

What’s Your Attitude?

Do you happen to have a bad attitude towards your business? Is it not getting you where you want to go — right now? What’s your Attitude?

Here’s the definition of attitude: position or posture of the body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion, etc.: a threatening attitude; a relaxed attitude.

According to this your attitude is directly reflected to your body posture or position. It’s like my husband said to me tonight, “Hun, what’s wrong? I can tell you’re upset.” I said nothing about being upset, but the way I was sitting tonight on the couch made him think something was up.

At the same time, I never said anything about being upset but I recognized that I was very tired tonight. He could tell by my body language that I wasn’t feeling my “best.”

How does your body language translate to  your workplace? What vibes are you giving off? I honestly thought I was in not that bad a mood tonight, but I guess I had a tad bit of attitude.

I was browsing over at Ed’s blog tonight and was reading about his take on Attitude — check it out, it will make you smile. It’s a fun way to look at it.


  1. A great example of using the right attitude is Kathy Delany-Smith, Harvard women’s basketball head coach. She shows an example of her winning attitude in this video clip. http://bit.ly/azI0s1

    This is a great way to succeed in life, business, ans an entrepreneur.

    • Accountancy Services says

      Melissa – The basket ball example is a great case study of attitude effecting physical performance. Thank you for sharing it.

      Vera – I think this princple discussed in your post is the same as working out in the gym when you are tired – it energizes you. For me there is a link between our physical and mental state/performance.

  2. Attitude definitely can be reflected in your overall posture and appearance. How many times have you walked into a market or store and you could just tell that the person working(possibly even the owner) was not having a good day. I know I get turned off by it fairly quickly and am definitely less likely to purchase or spend much time browsing around. I keep this in mind on a daily basis whether I am in the office around employees or in a business meeting with potential clients. Of course, I am human and I may not always accomplish this task, but I do make the attempt and try to keep positive vibes/attitudes as I find they often rub off onto my fellow associates as well.

  3. Yep, mindset and body posture are essential.
    That’s why I listen to my favorite music and dance like a monkey on fire before I glue my eyes back to my desktop. It’s just better energy, and it gives me right flow that makes me go for hours !

  4. It’s notable attitude matters because it is only the foundation to your business and it can give you more than your goals if positive, but nothing if describes a negative side.

    Business person should be sticked with their positive one for better response or they will burn them self.

  5. Melissa & Robinsh – Thanks for sharing!

    Christian – I totally agree with you, I’ve literally walked out of stores ready to purchase bigger ticket items (ahem grad dress for my daughter) and they literally lost a sale in my eyes.

    Mars – Very funny! 🙂 I’m sure it lifts your spirits before you go back to the square piece of equipment before your eyes.

  6. AG Property Greece says

    Body language is so important… especially in sales or customer facing job. Within the first few seconds of entering a place of work or shop clients have made up their mind if they are happy to deal with you or not

  7. It is all true. If you have a business and, even subconsciously you do not believe in it, it will not be successful. No matter how hard you try. Because you have to work harder than hard and that is only possible if you believe, if your imagination is fired 😀