Branding Voodoo That’ll Smoke The Competition


There are lots of ways that you can approach your brand to make it more effective. Some can be
costly, while many are simple and relatively inexpensive. It is the latter that I will outline for you today. They don’t take much thought or effort but can impact your brand in a big way.

1) Sponsor a local adolescent sports team.
This is not so much to get your logo on a jersey but it
is part of giving back to the community. Volunteerism speaks to your brand values. Not to mention that many of the organizers are also leading members of the
business community.

2) Join local networking groups.
Don’t just join groups and wait your turn to say your
elevator speech, but take an active role. Join committees, offer your assistance where ever you see an opening. People are impressed by go getters.

3) Write a short eBook.
You are an expert in your field. Take that valuable knowledge and apply it to a subject your potential customers might find compelling. Offer it up on your website or blog for free. Doing this puts you on
the path to building a niche group to sell to.

4) Consistency of image.
Make sure that all your materials have the same brand image. Any deviation only causes confusion among your audience. I go to great lengths to be sure I stay on track with my brand, so should you.

5) Do you have a new product or service that needs attention?
Do a press release and spread the word in the media. Any pick-up is free advertising for you.

6) Do a color analysis of the competition.
See what colors the competition is doing and choose a color they are NOT using to own that color and differentiate yourself. Of course this is great if you’re willing to re-do your brand image. If not, look at the attitude or tone of their messages and differentiate based on that observation.

7) Go on blogs that your audience is on and purposely leave constructive comments.
These comments will lead customers back to you. This is a great way to get the conversation started. It also works the same way in Linkedin groups, Facebook and Twitter.

8) Track your online visitors.
Be sure that your websites and blogs have analytic code installed so that you can see what keywords people use to find you. Use those keywords as the basis of links back to you rather than your company name.

9) Record podcasts/videos.
They don’t have to be super professional, just decent so as not to cast any negativity on your brand. A/V adds a distinct tone to your online content and positions you nicely. It helps add a personality to your brand.

10) Lead don’t follow.
How can you lead in your category? Determine a way to take the high ground from your competition. In Branding Voodoo, you MUST have the bigger pins, anything less is just doodoo.


  1. Hi Ed.. We’ve found that eBooks do well, especially in the small and micro business spectrum. Local networking groups are good as well, there are plenty of groups like NAWBO, NAPW, and your city and state chambers of commerce. Great top 10 list 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing what you’ve found to be effective Aaron. Let’s see if other readers add to the list 🙂

  3. Very interesting & useful posting…It will me a lot in terms of business.

  4. Thanks for the tips – I think I might try the ebook one!

  5. Good idea Perennial. You’ll enjoy the positive feedback from your efforts.

  6. You really need to track your visitors for you to improve your site. In this way, you will surely know what topics you need to focus on. It’s a matter of discovering the mind of your visitors.

  7. Analytics can be very insightful. Sam makes a great point if you want to determine where to put your efforts.

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    Thanks for sharing this powerful information.That’s very helpful and interesting.

  10. We may able to do every thing by searching,analyzing and observing carefully.same is the case with blog and websites ,if we want to enhance the traffic volume on our blog or site,keep the blog alive with daily posting and make it dofollow and do not ignore the seo techniques.

  11. jurnalyn soria says

    Always consider that your image will be your mirror. If you put a decent image as your brand you will be treated decently.

  12. Great tips Flat Rate – thank you.

  13. Your welcome ebagseller – thanks for commenting

  14. many small businesses under estimate the power of a powerful image. Done properly, your brand image can direct a prospective customer to take you more seriously.

  15. thanks for sharing this to us
    good work
    keep it up..

  16. Thank you Katy.

  17. nice tips
    i like specially the one about color analyses of competition.
    I didn’t think about it but it really make sense.

  18. Giochi, color differentiation is fascinating when you look into it. When I was introduced to the concept from a peer, it was an ah ha moment for sure. Now is is part of my design process when I develop brand logos.

    Thank you for commenting.

  19. Hello Ed,

    The 3rd step is so eassy when you going to start any business,that’s time we have to fight with our destiny,i will try your ebook tip for increase my business,

  20. Thanks for the comments Sarah. Would you mind checking back in later and telling us how it worked out for you?

  21. hi Ed,
    thanks for your response,i have just put my words in to action,if it worked then i will surely tell you,hope it works..
    thanks again

  22. hello ed,
    i am agree with your second tip,it is true that networking is the best part of business,we can grow our business with network connections…

  23. Let’s face it Katy, commenting and blogging is another form of networking. You become part of a community. Over time that build familiarity.

    Sarah – nice signature there – “$arah” loved that 🙂