Brandless At The Beach – NEVER!


Just because you’re on vacation and lounging at the beach doesn’t mean your brand has to relax too.
Here are ten ways you can promote your brand when you’re supposed to be relaxing:

1: Build a sand model of your store or office.

2: This one’s for the ladies. Get a one piece suit and using an exact-o knife cut out a stencil of your brand logo. Next time you wear a two-piece suit your logo will be in a nice golden brown against your lighter skin.

3. Buy the beach volleyball team playing near-by some drinks and get them to wear your swag.

4. Stock a super-size cooler with free refreshments to share with your beach neighbors. Wear your t-shirt with the logo and website on it.

5. Put a sandwich board on your dog for that walk down the beach.

6. Whistle your companies jingle while you read your beach book.

7. Put that same jingle many times through out your music mix. Be sure that others around you can hear it easily.

8. Park your logoed vehicle next to the washrooms or refreshment stands.

9. Hire a plane to drag your sky advertising back and forth.

10. Be sure the whole family is wearing the corporate colors.

As interesting as these suggestions are, don’t blame the writer (me) if your family and loved ones abandon you for another locale down the beach.


  1. Hi Ed,
    fantastic ideas – that are exactly those things that my family would love: Everyone tries to relax and Dad still trying to get some business 🙂

    >>Wear your t-shirt with the logo and website on it<>Whistle your companies jingle while you read your beach book<>Put a sandwich board on your dog for that walk down the beach.<<
    You could do that also with your kids 🙁 – gets you even more attention

    One more suggestion: Have your kids hand out Frisbees to all the other families at the beach.

  2. Hi there,

    very nice and refreshing ideas. First I asked myself “And where’s my vacation in this scenario?”, but you make a point here: marketing and branding can be fun. My favorite point is definitely no. 6!

    Lloyd Burrell
    Office Desk Reviews

  3. Whistle while you work Lloyd. Have a great weekend.

  4. Put a sandwich board on the kids – feel the love, How To. 🙂

  5. All ideas above are really great! You really know how to take advantage of the situation and use it for marketing your brand. However, you need to make sure that your logo have that eye catching design and jingle must have that easy to remember tune as well. These are things that you need to consider in order to have a positive result by following these ideas.

  6. Matthew – you’re right the basics have to be i place.

  7. Pure genius Ed.

    Don’t forget to bring “logo’d” towels and make sure the whole family is issued with instructions that when the towels are not in use they must be draped appropriately on the beach to ensure maximum visibility of the logo.

  8. Good one Witto!!

  9. Interesting list to say the least. My fav is #6 for sure.

  10. thanks ,Ed Roach,your article is so good!

  11. Thank you Solid Wood.

  12. Just when I was on vacation and lounging at the beach I don’t really compromise with brands because branded beach actually gives us full relaxation…Well it’s my personal experience…but thanks for presenting these great tips to others.

  13. Thanks for your input Long Beach. Relaxation is probably the best thing you can do for your brand – tan away!

  14. Who can ever imagine that you can also take advantage of your trip to beach? Just imagine yourself taking time to enjoy while you can advertise yourself/your product/ your service at the beach.

  15. very entertaining, witty and definitely out of the box. It’s worth pushing your business not only at the beach but in just about any location. The more exposure your business gets, the more people will get interested in it. Whatever is the location, consider the items that go with the location, and have them stamped with your logo. Skiing lodge, parks, carnivals, mountain climbing – wherever it is, advertise your brand extensively. Beach umbrellas, beach balls, coolers, towels, shirts are just some items brought to the beach, aside from the more interesting ideas you mentioned.

  16. Great entrepreneurs look for opportunities everywhere. Even while we rest, that channel never turns off.

    Nice tan Adam.

  17. Amazing sound of this blogging!!! It pressure me to give a nice comment because of nicely presenting the thoughts for enjoying our vacation.

  18. Thank you Master C. I’m glad the sound you heard resulted in your comment.