Virtual Meetings on the Cloud

Virtual Meetings on the Cloud

This is part of a series I am writing on virtual collaboration and fads for CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. It looks at best habits for virtual video-conferencing technology and the methods for keeping people interested using instruments from the cloud.

In this Vlog I talk to Phil Montero, president of Montero Consulting and originator of and Phil’s avocation is collaborating with small to mid-sized business leaders in setting up the technology, training and tools for working virtually and leading online.

Virtual Trends

Phil sees the biggest trend in digital collaboration among CEOs as just that there is more of it, and it is a pattern that won’t be broken anytime soon. In many cases, online colleagues may collaborate for entire years and never meet face to face, yet still enjoy an effective business partnership.

Making the Choice for Technology

Virtual leadership prosperity hails from finding instruments that serve the sensible objective without getting in the way of people wanting to know, like and trust one another. That is still critical to people in any job atmosphere.

What gets you nearer that works continuously and shrinks the virtual distance between any virtual associates?

Cloud-based instruments such as Skype Video, Skype Screen share, Google docs and an array of mobile apps have lowered the cost of getting together from around the world. Moreover, the always expanding reach of Wi-Fi connections and hotspots has increased the value of mobile tools, and cloud application developers are trying to keep up.

Online Meeting Habits

Once the technology hurdle is mastered, not as effortless as you would imagine, today’s CEOs and Executives need to face the human aspects during online meetings. Attendees who are on the team with even the best intentions and determination will stray and start to multi-task throughout a monotonous session. To get and maintain max engagement, Phil recommends…

Short and Sweet

There is a fad in the physical meeting area to attempt to shorten meetings as a result of the huge time commitment required on the part of all attendants. Amplify that for online meetings. Want a 60 minute meeting? Break it into 3 20 minute meetings if feasible. It’s less convenient for you but more appealing for participants, and that means they are more useful after the meeting.

Prior Preparation

Send out an agenda in advance so people can prep, not just for their sections but to get their heads around what is going to be covered.

Keep Them on Their Toes

Call on people randomly to verify understanding. Just a few instances of being blind-sided will develop the aggregate consciousness of keeping involved to prevent the opportunity of broadcasting being unready and enduring the slings and arrows of your colleagues.

Tech Deadening

In a method I call Tech Deadening; the virtual technology decreases the enthusiasm of leader communication in reverse percentage to how far you are from the real thing. For example, video is the next best thing to being there, but it isn’t being there. Only teleconferencing? Your listeners are even further de-sensitized. Texting– you understand.

Leaders need to be aware of this and overemphasize tone of voice, gestures, expressions and their Knut Rockne speeches to connect.


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