The Toughest Thing About Branding

The Toughest Thing About Branding

branding expertsEvery day – day in and day out you are your brand. It’s a forever effort. If you know anything about branding you’ll appreciate the fact that a nurtured brand works for you. Understanding what you stand for and delivering on those values, makes for a pretty compelling message to your customers. That goes for every type of brand. It can be you – your personal brand, your company’s corporate brand, your community’s place brand, your staff’s internal brand – any type of brand. The goal of any brand is to differentiate so that establishing that ever coveted relationship with it’s targeted audience is made easier.

Easier of course meaning – resonating. Getting their attention, being top of mind in that category. Definitely not easier in execution. That takes genuine effort. We all recognize that no matter how much positive effort we devote to our brands, sh*t stills happens and mostly through no fault of our own. Those negatives have to be put in their place, and allow us to move forward yet again. Sometimes things don’t happen soon enough. As the month trudges on, sales figures for the month are creeping up, but sometimes not as fast as you like. The sad truth in any business is that adversity is an unwelcome cousin. They challenge us at every turn in the road to greatness. Your brand is everything in business. Adhering to your brand values when challenged, is sometimes the hardest thing. Putting food on the table is quite a motivator. It can also be a temptation to surrender your brand for the quick buck. You see it all around you.

Staying true to your brand will win out in the long haul. Whether you have the stomach for it is the question? Branding is not easy. It expects you to take the high road. Branding expects you to present a brand image that makes you look larger and more successful. It doesn’t want you to get the cheapest business cards, or print your flyers on the office printer. Branding doesn’t want you to put the screws to your sales team and expect them to get the sale at any cost. Branding doesn’t expect you to go to market advertising multiple services and master of none. Branding especially doesn’t want your to regard re-branding as a changing of the logo. That would just be wrong.

The toughest thing about your brand is simply that – your brand. Your reputation – what you stand for. We all face adversity – how we deal with it is the true measure of a brand. We can bend with the wind, take a short cut. The true leaders embrace adversity and see it as a catalyst for moving forward. Much of that is attitude. Believe in yourself- your brand and you will welcome success at your doorstep once again. As tough as things get from time to time, never (or try not to) let down your guard. We all lose from time-to-time, just don’t let it get the best of you. Do as my motto challenges – Lead Don’t Follow. Simple as that is, it WILL keep you moving forward.


  1. Great article, Ed. You definitely hit it on the head by explaining how when fighting through all of the expected and unconventional challenges, the true test lies in remaining true to the core of your business. It is necessary to change game plans and even adapt certain aspects of your business to the environment you are trying to thrive in. However, maintaining the integrity of the idea that sparked the business is truly the best strategy towards success and achievement.

  2. Thanks for your input James. “maintaining the integrity of the idea” I think you hit the nail on the head there. When business slows, the urge to weaken the integrity can be overwhelming. We’re ever to encourage our fellow entrepreneurs to follow your true brand and you will succeed. But is will be hard – no doubt about it. Thanks again.

  3. The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  4. AprelFajardo says

    Thanks for sharing this! It is indeed very hard to have a brand that is easy to remember and will be so much relative to your goals and objectives as a company. As it will go far, you would have to stick to it because it’s what you are known for — your brand and what it offers. This post is so nicely written, good job! 

    •  @AprelFajardo That sticking to it part is one of the toughest parts in branding. One of my old rules is that when you are sick of something to do with your brand, you target audience is only then starting to notice. If your differentiator resonates, then it will in time click. It is up to you to keep your ship on course.
      Thanks for your input.

  5. SimonJBenn says

    Great post…all too often Brand is defined at a shallow level ..logo etc. You go a lot deeper that that with your view on it..and you’re encouraging us to do the same. 
    You also mention self belief. I think we’d all choose to believe in ourselves all of the time. When we don’t perhaps (when faced with adversity)..we are not choosing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could choose to believe in ourselves more of the time?

    •  @SimonJBenn I guess that’s the challenge then eh Simon? How do we stay tuned to believing in ourselves? When I stray, I write blog articles to help put my head in the right frame of mind. Find a crutch that works for you. Another idea might be a temporary vision board. Any other suggestions out there to help us all stay true to our selves?

  6.  @juliusray Your welcome.