It’s 2013 And I’ve Got Nothing!

It’s 2013 And I’ve Got Nothing!

photoI’m sitting here trying to be profound and write something great about the coming year’s branding efforts. I’ve got nothing. Not to say I’m pessimistic about the coming year, but I’m drawing a blank about what to write about. Since I’ve started blogging (2006) I have written several hundred articles on branding. Now, during the first week of a fresh new year I can’t think of a single thing to write about except this description of my dilemma. I try to write an article a week as a minimum. Sometimes the inspiration flows and I’m able to bank them and other times (like this week) I can barely conjure up more than a paragraph.

So this week you’ve got my apology as I like to deliver quality content. Maybe next week I’ll be more on top of my game. All the best to your brand this coming year!


  1. Perhaps you can answer me this then. In a new market with little established competition, should I work to differentiate myself against that competition, or the old way of doing things?

    • @KeithWest I always think it’s wiser to differentiate yourself with a compelling position. It establishes an immediate message that resonates with customers. It also makes it easier to market yourself because your message will also be different than the norm. Without telling me what you do, I’d say there may also be “percieved” competitor’s based on what the public assumes you do. Having a differentiator also helps to combat this.

  2. Michael Lee Johnson says

    @KeithWest  – Competition is irrelevant if you have the right strategy. Differentiate and diversify. Innovation over imitation. Hard work always pays off, as long as you’re working HARD and SMART. Effective marketing is the process of delivering and communicating your message in such a way that it’s remembered and communication for you across multiple mediums online and offline – all around the world.
    I am going to be walking from Beijing to London this year. Hopefully everything goes according to plan and I can create a brand.
    – Michael Lee Johnson

  3. interacter says

    I absolutely feel your pain (I wrote about this a while ago myself: )
    While social media in all of its forms is great, there’s huge pressure to be always on, always ready, witty & inspired.
    But it’s not always possible.
    We are only human after all.
    So don’t apologise.  You’ve got enough track record to have a week off!

    • @interacter Thanks for the encouragement Neil and your article just about covers being “on it.” I’m my own worst enemy for pressure. We strive to please. 
      Thanks for your support,

  4. OneManShow_TH says

    Aww… just enjoy holidays. BTW your photo is so funny and perfect for this short post. I hope you get some good ideas to talk about next week. 

    • @OneManShow_TH Thanks OMS. I’ve had a few readers ask a question of me for next week – that’s great inspiration. It’s easier to come up with an answer than to dream up a topic and address it.

  5. Honesty admired, I usually just trot out something rubbish and instantly regret it. Have a good year!

  6. You are simply awesome! Even without any writing idea, you manage a new post. Salute!