Email Marketing: Cultivating Know-Like-Trust

Email Marketing: Cultivating Know-Like-Trust

When people think of you and your brand you want them to do 3 things:Know Like Trust

  1. Know Who You Are/What You Do
  2. Like Who You Are/What  You Do
  3. Trust What You Say

When it comes to your brand and email marketing, personalizing your emails, auto-responders & newsletters can help you accomplish all 3 things listed above.

You want the email recipient to recognize the email is from you, like you enough to open the email right away and take action on what you’re telling them to do.

One of the ways you can make that happen is by treating your reader like someone special.  Craft your emails so they’re written directly to them.  Personalize it.  Make them believe you’re talking right to them and the stuff you’re sharing is specifically for their benefit.

Email marketing is one area of your business where you can make things personal between you and your subscribers. Done the right way, this method of marketing can mean more sales for your business.

Another way to cultivate Know-Like-Trust is to actually email your subscribers.  Your readers subscribed to your mailing list and they expect you to send them emails.  Think about this:

If you’re not sending regular emails to your list you are depriving them of the information only you can provide them.

If you email your list on a regular basis you are training them – conditioning them, if you will – to expect emails from you.  When your subject lines are compelling and the email body is interesting & entertaining then your emails will be opened.  Once your emails are opened on a regular basis, your readers will start to take action on the recommendations you make.  But the first step is to write the email.

I’d recommend sending an email to your list a minimum of three times per week. Don’t worry about feeling or acting “salesy”.  If you think about email marketing as providing information, making recommendations and sharing awesome products then you’ll do fine.

You don’t have to sell in each email, auto-responder or newsletter but you should be including a clear call to action in each email that has then DO something.

Think about what you want the reader of your email to do:

  • sign up for an auto-responder
  • buy an affiliate product you recommend
  • buy one of your products
  • leave a comment

Then make it clear to your reader what ONE action you want them to take.

Make it a priority to email your list for at least 3 times each week for the next month and report back in the comments with your results.



Ken Chandler


  1. Hi Ken, some great tips and couldn’t agree more on all points with the exception i frequency, which, based on our will vary by industry and niche. For some, once a month is the sweet spot, for others, 2 sends per month, for others it might be 2-3 times per week. For clients, we test different frequencies and adjust until we find the sweet spot where opens/clicks are maximize and unsubscribers are are minimized. As you point out, keeping a list warm though consistent sends and quality/personalization is paramount to success.

    • @ebizroi Yes, I agree the frequency will vary for each company, industry and so on. On the same token, anything longer than bi-weekly is too much time in between for people to forget you and when they do, the next time you email they’ll either unsubscribe or report as spam because they just don’t remember you. Of course, the content of the email plays a huge role too. If you email frequently with blah content or promos all the time they’re gone.

  2. ArdivJauhari says

    Awesome post! This is really good information, I am new to Internet Marketing and I often wonder why do my list keep un-subscribing to me, I guess it’s because I don’t provide them enough value and they’re not able to recognize what I have to offer. Thank you!

  3. If one of your purposes for email marketing is building trust then I don’t think this statement is necessarily true: “You don’t have to sell in each email, auto-responder or newsletter but you should be including a clear call to action in each email that has then DO something.”

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