50 Stats That Could Change Your Marketing Direction


Very well done presentation here. What I find most interesting is the data on Mobile and Apps. To me, the message is loud and clear. Mobile integration is already a big part of consumer’s life. If mobile isn’t in your radar in some way shape or form you could be left out in the cold in just a few short years.

Ken Chandler


  1. I absolutely agree from a consumer point of view, but what of B2B? From my contact, their mobile and social use is very limited. I always question business owners on their use, and it’s quite a contrast to the average consumer.

  2. EdRoach I don’t think that’ necessarily true for every B2B. It’s really about who you target and what you offer.
    If you are a consultant, I’ll admit you’ll have to think hard and mobile may never be good for consultants. 
    However, many businesses and their executives appreciate mobility. For example, a busy executive may like the ability to check up on their order or add onto their order while they are out of the office. I cannot tell you how often I wished to be able to approve or give feedback on print ad concepts on my old Palm (that was the day huh). It was a dream then but now it is very possible.
    You may not have to build an app but offering mobile conveniences is a big plus even when your customers are businesses not end consumers.

  3. so do i, i agree with you. these will change my marketing direction