Is Advertising About To Become Affordable? My Hunch Says… “Yes!”

I’ve got a hunch that the advertising rates bubble is about to burst. The average cost to advertise is absurd, and can only be afforded by the companies that have them dolla-dolla-bills ya’ll. All the while, the baby-faces of the business world have to struggle with cold calls and cheap promotional prostitution if they want to attract any new blood into their stores. The “Haves” definitely have an unfair advantage over the “Have-nots.” …But not for long (I think ; ).

Now I don’t have a lot of reasoning to support this hunch, but wouldn’t it make sense for advertising rates to fall as more and more marketing mediums become available?

At this moment, marketing costs are still through the roof, but I think that roof is about to come crashing down in a hurry. I truly believe that the promotional playing-field is about to even itself out a bit as the mega-marketing mediums have to slap “SALE!” stickers all over their advertising inventory. Why place your ad in an expensive medium that gets the same amount of valuable traffic as an affordable blog? If I was a media mogul, whose business is supported by advertising dollars, I’d have to be biting my finger nails right about now as I consider moving into a smaller mansion.

What do ya’ll think? Is it possible that Bertha Beth Baily, from McTutor, Texas, will be buying a 30 second slot during the 2017 Super Bowl for her upcoming garage sale? Slay me for stupidity or praise me as a prophet in the comments below…

Just callin’ them as I see’m…

Brad Williamson

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  1. Your theory definitely makes sense! As there will be a multitude of new avenues to take when it comes to marketing, I believe it will eventually become more affordable. I also think that as newer advertising methods are introduced (yes, I think there will still be some invented that we haven’t though of yet), there will be that small timeslot to latch in and get a good deal on the marketing end before it catches on with the big guys.

  2. Steven Campbell says

    I don’t see superbowl advertising going down that much, but I think with a lot of people lowering there advertising budgets due to blogging, Print media rates will drop eventually. You have some good idea’s.

  3. The lure of online advertising through blogs and other content sources are definitely real. I do believe something has to give in the offline world. The ad rates are skyrocketing and the advertisers are plummeting. Hmmm…the fundemental premise of the supply/demand curve is being violated. Not good. Economic laws don’t change. The marketplace will correct itself one way or another.