Passion’s Purpose

What’s up kids! …You up to no good? …Glad to hear it : )

Lately, I’ve been poundin’ out some letters about Love and Life that are going to fuel an upcoming passion project of mine. Hopefully, it’ll make a few bucks; but more importantly, I want it to excite some emotions.

I’m reaching out to you guys for a little research about my development. I’ve been writing for a while now, but so far the content I’ve made public has only had a personality that pitches advice about marketing products. So here I am, with a dialog that drives in a new direction, and I’d like your feedback on it.

So stare your Soul upon the script below, and I’d kiss ya if I could for some of your passionate perspective in the comments section below. I hope ya like!

Passion’s Purpose

Listen to the Soul, let it guide you towards the highest vision you have for yourself, and live a Life you can Love. You know who you are and who you want to be, so let your spirit be shown through the progress of your purpose. This energy that drives your dream’s desires, to turn being-ness into experience, is called passion.

The Soul presents you with its purpose through feelings of passion. It is an energy that drives you to push aside that which does not reflect your being, in favor of pursuits that mirror your inner-motivations. The experience of passion is so profound that you Lovingly cry years of dedication into crafts that represent who you are; and when your creations consume you, know that the Soul is living its dream.

The pulse of passion feels like pure Peace. Pure Peace that provides unconditional comfort without corruption, because conflict cannot possibly cross the Love of your Life. Every breath is beautiful as your spirit shouts the energy of affectionate addiction. …Your Love is alive.

Passion has no expectations. Its desires are fulfilled with or without awards or accomplishment, and simply strives for the Soul to see them survive. Passion must be given creative freedom if it wants to truly experience itself; and the distractions expectations inflict can restrict the liberty that is needed to transform dreams into Life.

Passion is purpose; and without passion, Life has no purpose. Thanks to Love, your passions are made obvious to you in every moment. All you must do to find your guiding light is hear the sincere shouts of the Soul that serve to remind you of who you are. Every moment reveals reasons to pursue the progress of passion, so never push away its promises.

Your passion can fashion a Life of Love; so embrace your motivations, both modest and magnificent. Present every moment with your purpose and prepare to be amazed by the presents you persuade Life to shower upon you.

Thank you so much for reading. I’ve got a lot more content where that came from; but for now, I’d Love so much to hear what you think about “Passion’s Purpose.” And I’m sorry to ask for the world, but if you feel that this story would benefit the passionate Souls who read your blogs, I’d feel flattered for you to share it with them (Hey! It doesn’t hurt to ask! ; )

In the months to come, my hope is to be able to continue updating you on the progress of my passion project. But in the meantime, I wish you the best with your own personal passions…

Word to your mothers…

Brad Williamson

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for this! I like it, but its perhaps too poetic for pragmatic people 🙂

    A website I’ve come across that is about passion is – worth a look

  2. MichelleVan says

    Brad, For some, finding a passion is an illusive venture. In those cases I say just start, go in a direction, any direction, and see what holds your interest. Then, to keep an interest going, you must make a decision to be passionate, and then fan the flame. Keeping a passion isn’t always an easy thing. You’ve got to nurture your soul, ask your heart, and take lots of breaks from the pursuit so you can check back in and realign with your loves in life. I’m always happy to discuss these topics…:)

  3. Brad,

    I believe you are right on. The problem is that people simply don’t listen to their soul. We’re so busy living the life that others have set for us that we forget that we were born with a purpose. Without even realizing it, we have forfeited our purpose. That purpose and ultimate direction for our life can only be revealed through the creator of our soul. People who are passionate don’t need to fan the flame, they are the igniter of their own flame. They simply do because they were born to do it. Realizing your purpose and understanding your purpose are two different things. Ultimately, understanding your purpose gives you the authority to move forward without any reservations as to what you are seeking to accomplish.

  4. Love the post! I am constantly looking for material on topics like this that are about inspiring the soul. Two books that are worth a look, and which you may have come across at some point, are Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (a movie was recently released but did it no justice) and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. They both have an uncanny ability to get the mind wandering and dreaming and many of my best thoughts have come from reading over parts of these books. Hope it helps.

  5. Dr Paul Dyer says

    I know this is an older post, but I just stumbled upon it and had to comment. Yes! Finding meaning, purpose and passion, is the greatest of human endeavors. My life is dedicated to helping others learn how to hear their Calling (aka purpose/mission) and to pursue that purpose wholeheartedly. It’s not a 20 minute deal, but a lifelong journey, but one that well worth taking. Thank you for this inspiring post and Carpe Diem!

  6. Also, failed to mention that I believe that if we don’t use our gifts and talents in alignment with our purpose, we will feel disconnected and ultimately, unfulfilled. On the other hand real joy is possible when we use our talents in alignment with our purpose…and of course, passion comes along with the deal.