Netflix Thinks I’m Naughty!


Today, I clicked on over to to see if my documentary about Allen Ginsberg was going to show up in my mailbox this weekend. Before I could click on “Your Queue,” I was greeted by a “Netflix Recommends…” window, that featured a documentary film about a man and his horse. Their love for one another ran deeper than mere friendship, it was so strong that it actually inspired a romantic connection…

Here’s the movie’s description…

“This documentary closely examines the sensationalized story of a man from Seattle who died from a ruptured colon after having sex with a horse in a barn. Director Robinson Devor transcends the shocking headlines to explore the circle of people who secretly possess an interest in bestiality. Two friends of the man who died as well as a horse advocate provide narration for much of the film.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love animals, and I love documentaries, but I had to pull out a Webster’s Dictionary to find out what “bestiality” meant. Netflix, on the other hand, thought that this film would be right up my alley. Apparently, my rental history (Beatles Anthology, 24, Heroes, God Grew Tired Of Us (MUST SEE!), John Lennon Imagine, No Direction Home – Bob Dylan, etc.) lead their “intelligent” recomendation technology to believe that I have a facination with… GEEEEEZ, I can’t even say it.

You might be asking… “What nugget of marketing wisdom are you trying to share with me, oh great small business brander?”

Well, I think today’s lesson is quite obvious. Customer service is best handled by human beings, not automated technology.

You can’t always depend on technology to run your business on auto-pilot. In hindsight, I’m willing to bet that Netflix would have thought twice about recommending this documentary to me. It’s fortunate for them that I’m difficult to offend, because there are many people out there who would consider a lawsuit in exchange for the insult.

Today, ask yourself this question… Is your business servicing its customers with four-legged fornication? … Don’t be so sure about your answer. You might want to double check on this.

PETA Supporter – Brad Williamson

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  1. That is very good point. While marketing is becoming more personable, there must be constant monitoring to make it the most effective it can be.

  2. Don’t feel too bad. I was offered the same movie. I think they probably offer this (just like all those others) to almost everyone, but I guess it’s possible that it’s just us.

  3. Patrick Calhoun says

    Oh my gosh….That is TOOOOO funny. God love NetFlix. They try so hard.

  4. lol! Poor you Brad…being linked to horsey porn like that…those computers eh? I wonder what they’ll have you linked to next…umm…actually no…on second thoughts I dread to think what it would be!
    Good article though highlighting the definate pitfalls of automation! (and it gave me a giggle too so thanks for that too!:-) )

  5. At least it is a step in the right direction of making shopping more personable and in the long run profitable.

  6. Zoo is actually a great documentary made in a highly unique style sensational subject. It played at Sundance last year and had a moderately successful theatrical run. I recommend it highly to fans of original documentaries, especially to fans of Errol Morris or Werner Herzog.