Being Focused Allows You To Act Fast


When you build a business with extreme focus you are positioned to move quick when the need arises and that is often something that business owners with a fractured focus have trouble with.

I have one target market and know it well. Because I’ve chosen to devote myself to this one snug market of business owners it is easy for me to stay in tune with their needs. When an opportunity comes to introduce them to something new I can spring into action with minimal additional research.

I can decide fast, act fast and see results fast.

Can you say the same? Share why you could say yes or no 🙂


  1. Hi, Kelly,

    I definitely will say yes – to stay competitive in today’s web 2.0, I have to laser-target my audience. I can’t – and won’t have time – to cater a huge general niche on the Net.

    Like what you mentioned – the key word is ‘fast’.


  2. Kelly,

    I agree – the answer is yes (on being focused). Not only is it time consuming to try and target huge groups of people, but with todays ability to niche (via the net etc) – why waste your time and money on trying to appeal to the masses. If someone is searching for Belgium Chocolate (just as an example, and because I like it…) info, they will most likely not start out by searching for Cocoa Beans. Just my two cents….