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Hi everyone I just wanted to take a few minutes and share something with you. I am sure you all have that someone in your life that you listen to. Make room for one more.Tony Robbins I have never listened to him that I didn`t get something useful out of it.

Tomorrow night Tony starts a new show on TV. It will only be 6 shows but past experience tells me it will be the best six shows I have ever watched.  

Experience your Breakthrough starting Tuesday, July 27 at 8/7 CST on NBC.

For over thirty years Tony Robbins has helped over 50 million people in more than 100 countries .I think that is pretty impressive for one man`s resume, but more importantly he is a decent man I personally have a lot of respect for .

So click the link and watch the trailer, take your life to the next level. What do you have to lose? I think you can see where this post is going .To be successful in business you need to be successful in your own lives.

Each week after the show Tony will be posting a personal 20-30 minute video lesson as part of his free 6-week course that will teach you how to use the show to take your life to the next level.

Experience your Breakthrough starting Tuesday, July 27 at 8/7 CST on NBC.

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Ken Chandler

I started my first offline business around 1992 I owned and operated a radio sales and repair shop for about 4 yrs. I have beenonline since around 1996. I dabbled mostly and it wasn`t till 2006 when I went to my first Big Seminarthat I really saw what the internet was doing right at my fingertips.
Since then I have started and currently run several service sites online.My personal brand online is notcompleted yet but I work on it daily in the hopes of establishing myself.

I decided to narrow down those that I truly follow and recommend. Armand Morin , Michel and Sylvie Fortin and Jim Howard author of Branded for Success are my main sources of knowledge these days by choice.
For inspirationTony Robbins fills the bill nicely.
I have to say that Ed Dale is still a favorite and I love what he has done with the Challenge and the amount of people I know who have benefited .Jimmy D Brown,Jim Edwards are always trusted sources of quality information.

I intentionally cut back on those that I follow to reduce the noise and allow me to focus on what is important.This is not to say there are not plenty of good people to learn from. I just think you need to choose a few and immerse yourself in what they can offer.

Napoleon Hill- is a must read for anyone in business

I think I have a diverse enough background to bring some good things to . I look forward to the chance to prove it.


  1. Thanks Ken.. The guy is definitely boasting with confidence, so it will be fun to watch 🙂

  2. hello,
    first time i visited your blog i found it interesting one.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. The guy is full of confidence, & I glad to pay “Thanks” to Ken..

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    thanks for the information and for the tips, it sounds interesting to watch and it’s a difficult subject, so it deserves all the attention.

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  5. Pariuri Sportive says:

    Tony Robbins, a great man. thk for telling everyone about him.

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    Thanks ken,
    i think it will be a great fun to watch this.
    keep sharing

  7. thanks for sharing such information

  8. Hear a lot about Tony Robbins in the last years, but never had a chance to find out more about him. Probably been too lazy.
    So, first, thanks for the link to his site. I watched the videos there yesterday and it is faszinating to watch how this guy can pull you along. For a 20 minute speech he gave at a conference (video on his about-page) it felt like he was only talking for 5 minutes.
    I have downloaded some audios of him – will report back in a few days.

  9. first time i visited your blog i found it interesting one.
    thanks for sharing.

  10. I’m not really aware on how other people are thinking about their purpose in life. However, it’s pretty obvious that not all of us have that kind heart that would offer their success in helping other people to be successful too.

  11. Sharing is a one good deed that we can actually do in our lives. Many do share, but few are sharing without that expectation of return. Maybe we should learn how to help others through our heart.

  12. Tony Robbins is doing a great job. Helping a millions persons is not a small task. Hats Off for him. Thanks KEN CHANDLER for sharing such good things about him.

  13. Yes every one have to need a person whose can make their solution their problems.

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