Jump And Grow Your Wings On The Way Down.


The headline to this article is a quote from a client of mine – Belinda Bond. Belinda is the visionary behind the Celebrity Mama Tour. I thought it was the perfect bit of advice for entrepreneurs. How many times have you sat down for a chat with someone and they are pondering the age old question, “When is the best time to launch my idea?” or “Is it the right time to go into business for myself?” As someone who has been on their own for some time now, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong time to jump. The point is the jumping part. That action is what separates the true entrepreneur. It reminds me of a past article I wrote about planners and doers.

The wings referred to in the headline are really the passion and belief in yourself. The only way you are going to succeed is to DO IT. Nike had it right, “Just Do It.” If you jump and crash, then your wings were not fully unfurled. But like any new life, you have to grow. You have to brush yourself off and get back up there and jump again. Each time gaining the confidence to learn from past errors and gaining ground.

Risk is simply part of the process. If you try and wait for the “right time.” You will never jump, because there is always something that will give you reason to pause. We spend our whole lives trying to win. Most times we lose. We understand and recognize losing. Sometimes we are too comfortable with it. Comfort in the status quo keeps most of us from jumping.

If that sounds like your situation then my only advice is to STEP ASIDE, and let other visionaries start their journey. Not everyone is cut out to take the risk. Their role is to be the lightening rod for others. The key is to understand your role in business, and step into that role. Recognize your strengths and join the right team.

Belinda Bond is a ball of fire. Her comfort zone is in the risk taking. But don’t kid yourself – she and thousands like her couldn’t take that risk without key support behind her. But in the end it still boils down to jumping or not. If you want it bad enough you’ll jump. Growing the wings is the fun part!


  1. You’re definiately right about deciding to take that first step is the hardest. I was held back by such fear before I finalyl decided to start my own business a few months ago. And while my “wings” have been shinged a few times, I woudln’t have decided agaisnt doign what I’m doing now.

  2. Fear prevents us from doing everything that would help to benefit our lives. Working for one self is a big step, but its’ one that has so many upsides if done right. Thanks for sharing this with us, and hopefully it’ll inspire others to take the leap.

  3. I agree with the insights above. Risk is every part of your decision. If you want to make sure of the result, just provide your plan with a back-up plan. In that way, you could make sure that no matter what happen, everything will still went well. Nothing to worry.

  4. Hello,

    I am totally agree with you that the first step is so difficult when you going to start any business,that’s time we have to fight with our destiny, in that period our work is to not to loss hope.


  5. True entrepreneurs eventually DO take that first step. Once taken, it often results in the excitement and expectation of a dream fulfilled. Even during challenging times, it is comforting to know that your destiny is in your hands not someone else’s. Thank you Betty, Lauren and Pete for your inspirational comments.

  6. Ideas that don’t get to be implemented or used in a pragmatic process render no real value; this is why, I believe, taking the first step is a difficult action: it proves the validity, it certifies. With entrepreneurship, this is even more obvious, because, in this field, new ideas are better than gold.

    Lloyd Burrell
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  7. Jared Carrizales says

    Wow, when they talk about comment interaction and mention headlines, they are definitely talking about posts like this.

    I couldn’t turn away as I read the headline to this post. Not only was the headline intriguing, but the content was great as well. I think you got it right about the time NEVER being right. If you wait until the time is “just right” you are never going to jump.

    And Ed, I’m sorry I don’t agree with you. I think that more often than not an entrepreneur does NOT succeed the first time she sets out in her endeavor, be it online or off.

    The REAL entrepreneurs have the gall to ante up again and muster the strength and potential humiliation of failing again and succeeding the second or third time.

    Just my two cents though.

  8. You’re right on Jared, I probably spoke a little too broad with that comment. I should have said that your best chance to succeed is to make that first jump.

    Thanks for the input and point of view. I met one gentleman who lost eleven businesses before he made it huge. There is no shame in failing, but there is in refusing to get back up.

    Thanks Lloyd for “new ideas being better than gold.” How true.

    Let’s hope that other readers who may be contemplating that first jump are inspired by the confidence in doing it inspired in these comments.

  9. Tips for Bodybuilding says

    I couldn’t agree more, you have to be able to take big risks, those that can’t are the ones that fail.

  10. It couldn’t be any simplier, thank you “Tips”

  11. Fear is the enemy of success. We can’t be successful with our decision if we don’t really try to do it even if we are unsure with the result. The important is, at least we tried doing our best in order to make everything possible. In case we failed our mission, we need to use that failure as a stepping stone towards success.

  12. Of course Daniel, overcoming fear is paramount. You have to convince yourself that there is no shame in failing, it’s all part of the journey. The real failure is never jumping.

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    I’m currently in this situation and I’m launching out into the deep. One part of me is bold willing to take risks, when I take one big step I get comfortable though and the other part of me wants to wait til the perfect time to go forward. Very good post…the fear will always be there but it’s how we handle fear. It’s possible to turn the fear of the unknown into an excitement of trying something new… it makes it fun to jump.

  14. How you deal with fear is exactly right Office Furniture. One way to go to market is with a positioning strategy that absolutely differentiates you. That way your customer is compelled to deal with you. It tells them you are a leader in something.

  15. Hello,

    I think you are right, The important is, at least we tried doing our best in order to make everything possible. The wings referred to in the headline are really the passion and belief in yourself. Thanks for all the information.

  16. You’re welcome. Thank you for your insight.