Upgraded SBB to WordPress 2.1


I’ve been a bit wary of updating to the newest version of WordPress but after seeing it work flawlessly on my other site, I’ve decided to bring it on board at Small Business Branding.

So, after backing up the site/database and uploading WordPress 2.1, it’s safe to say that we can go back if we encounter any problems. You can notify me of any issues via this post or contacting my by email.

The new version looks great and the WordPress Team seems to be extremely devoted to their user base. From what they write on their site, you can look forward to seeing more updates and improvements coming out as they undertake their new development cycle.

Leading up until the next major release scheduled for April 23, they are encouraging users to vote for features here. I hope you continue to browse the website uninhibited – otherwise let me know and I’ll fix it.

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  1. Well done Rob. This is the first blog that I can play with the new wordpress so I’ll have to check out what changes there are behind the scenes.

  2. Cheers Yaro, I think you’ll particularly enjoy the new Auto Save post feature and the new version of Akismet. Good luck installing it on Entrepreneur’s Journey… From what I can see here, it’s worked perfectly so far.

  3. Robert,

    You have done a fantastic job with the design of the blog and, the upgrade seems to have taken flawlessly.
    I’m a new WordPress user (my first blog is a Blogger blog) and have been having a heck of a time just trying to figure out how to set it up so that the links work. Let alone even think about doing what you’ve done here. It’s totally “Top Drawer”.

    Mark Sandquist

  4. Thanks Mark,

    I love this design too. Unfortunately I can’t take the credit for doing the design – that was Michael Pollock of Solostream Studios and the Real owner of this blog is Yaro Starak. I’m just here to manage the site.

    Anyway, welcome to the world of blogging. I’m sure you’ll find your new blogger blog will bring extra traffic to your sales letter and list.

    Enjoy your visit to SBB…