How Would You Brand Windsor, Ontario?


It’s a tough question, but Ed Roach of The Branding Experts is undertaking the noble project of branding his city – all via the blogosphere.

On his blog, Brand Corral, Ed is hoping that people will leave him some ‘unscientific data’ about his city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in the form of comments.

All he asks of you is, “How you view his city” and “Where you’re from”.

If this project gains enough momentum, I think it’d become viral – especially with all the Canadians out there, eh. After a quick visit to Wikipedia though, I think this city is well worth the free publicity.

So, spare a minute or two and let Ed know what you think about Windsor, Ontario.

PS. Don’t cheat by visiting Wikipedia first :).

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  1. Windsor… a nice place not to get shot! 🙂

    Just kidding! Being a Canadian i’ll say that i’ve never been to Windsor but its a jump point into the states for a lot of Canadians into Detroit.


  2. Luc,

    Thanks for the helping me out. But it is very telling from a brand perspective. So far there is definitely a trend in perception. What is interesting is the responses are spread far and wide. Check out the responses at: There are 19+ comments there already.

  3. Hi Ed,

    Good to see you are getting some great responses. I had a read over at MarketingProfs and what i noticed is that people from the states seem to love Windsor while Canadians think of it as a “non-event”.

    When i think of windsor i think of pollution… or a cheaper version of vegas… but thats just me. All the best Ed,


  4. Robert, this is hilarious. Living so “close” to Windsor I’m ashamed to say I had not heard of this “project” yet, nor do I have much to say about the city itself. However, the effort is more than people are doing for Toronto! 😉
    It’s all in all a really awesome idea.

  5. People in Windsor go were ever they can to get the best buy and USA Detroit seem to be our biggest competitor- with all the lay offs recently it makes it even harder to run a small business .The US prices are cheaper for the same products we pay for here.