Make your Mailing List Work Harder

Email has been a boon to marketing efforts for many years now, and that continues to be true even with all of the alternatives available today. Businesses report returns on investment of more than $40 for each dollar spent in this marketing channel, and business owners say that email is second only to SEO in converting visitors into buyers. Building and growing your subscribers on your mailing list consistently will encourage greater business success. Use an opt-in list, which requires new subscribers to verify via email that they want to receive information from you about your products or services.


The use of autoresponders can automate most of the process when you add new subscribers to your mailing list. Repeat visitors to your website have a conversion rate (which means they make a purchase) ten times higher than their initial visit. Obviously, following up with first-time visitors to your site is one of the best ways to encourage those repeat visits, and higher sales, and doing so at regular intervals keeps your site at the top of their mind. Autoresponder features can be set to send out any sort of information you like to your subscribers, whenever you want it sent. Thank you notes for purchases, information on new products, newsletters, and happy birthday greetings can all be set up for the system to remember and complete.

Email Campaigns

A professional look and feel to all of your communications is essential, no matter what size your business is now. Email marketing companies can provide great templates for you to fill with your messages, but do make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. Build a simple ‘newsletter’ to send out to your mailing list at regular intervals every few weeks, with easy reading your priority. Keep your sentences short and paragraphs concise, and write compelling content to give them value. Find out what information your subscribers want, and give it to them in your newsletters!


Use an email marketing company that provides easy tracking systems so you’ll know how effective your email campaigns are. This should provide, at a minimum, statistics on how many subscribers opened your email, and your click through (purchase or action) rate. It is especially important to monitor the newest subscribers and perhaps give them some personal attention if needed.

Email marketing can result in brand loyalty, a great reputation, and increased sales, if done properly. Short, simple subject lines, the right message and compelling content will encourage opening rates above the average of 20 to 30%, and result in higher sales. Continually ‘tweaking’ your message for broader appeal will encourage higher rates as well.

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