5 Metrics to Make Your Digital Marketing Outperform

A confusing state that pre-occupies the mind of small business owners is whether to direct or not to direct their digital marketing strategy. As in most cases executives delegate it to the IT and marketing teams, but they do not like their way of handling.

5 Metrics to Make Your Digital Marketing Outperform

So, should we direct or should we delegate?

When you delegate every aspect of digital marketing to IT and marketing firms, then you have to depend on their vision. And that makes your business dependable on the data provided by the IT firms.

Beginning of every week, IT teams forward you a spreadsheet showing your progress. Quite neat and clean. However, talking of digital marketing, it is more like a distribution channel. Would you like people dictating what numbers you should be giving more attention and which you should not?

You are comfortable as you get the number in hands with no hassles since you have appointed someone to look after them. However, that does not reduce your responsibility to look after the digital impacts. It is a fundamental aspect of your business. It focuses on your growth.

  So what aspects you must look after?

  What are the metrics that you should concentrate to drive out more revenue?

So What Are The 5 Metrics to Make Your Digital Marketing Outperform

Ask your team to mention the signals that you need to watch. Challenge them to report referring to the five metrics mentioned here, then take up the lead to create the strategy behind your growth.

#1 Paying Attention to the Unique Users

There is a huge potential or a threat of distraction when you look at the Google Analytics. On a dashboard, you might find 80 reports, but many of them may not have a real impact on the marketing strategy of your business. Then, whom should you watch? For example, some visitors might start following your from Costa Rica using Firefox Browser, don’t ignore them. The number of unique visitors paying attention to your business is a clear indication that your business is expanding.

#2 Lead Conversion Rates

This is a metric that you must ask your IT or marketing department to report every Monday. The global standard of lead conversion is between 2% and 4%. If less than 2% of the users are visiting your websites or taking some action (subscribing to newsletters, email, or turning into leads), then there is a problem in content strategy. Look at the conversion rates, create unique contents to make the percent shoot 4% and higher.

#3 Size of Your Email List

Have you watched the overall size of your email list? If you see a decline in the list size, you will find a disconnection between the value proposition and the delivery of that value. Will you like a reduced email list affect your business?

#4 Conversion Rates Must Generate Revenue

Measure the conversion rate of the subscribers to revenue. It does not just apply to companies that have shopping carts, but rather it is important to follow the lead throughout the life cycle. You have to establish the client’s value generated digitally. As the date of the lead generation and date of purchase order stays mentioned this metric helps to evaluate with ease. Keep a watch on the average conversion value of every customer.

#5 Site Traffic and Revenue Generated with Keywords

Find out which content is reaping huge amount of visitor look up to the site traffic and the revenue produced by each keyword. Get rid of the content that does not perform well and dig deeper to the content that drives sales. If your IT and marketing team works up on these metrics, then you are at the helm of your digital strategy, you will effectively manage the business growth. Even you do not need to create the Facebook updates or learn codes. Start leading your team to establish a strong digital marketing strategy and generate strong revenue. Unplug these metrics to make your digital strategy outperform!

If you use digital marketing strategies for your brand, then agility, learning and modification are some of the key ingredients that ensure success. If you have not stressed on these three issues then we suggest putting it on the table during next budget discussions or convey it to your IT team to lay stress on them.

Making profitable sales through digital platform is the hottest trend in the market. To set buzzword for your brand give shot to these metrics and make your digital channels outperform.

5 Tips to Get Your Podcast Started Fast

‘Podcasting Renaissance’ – the fever that has caught the business owners badly. All are after having their own podcasts…rather their own Internet Radio Show.

Well, the reason might be the huge benefits that Podcasting have:

  •   Big or small, all business can use Podcast as a branding platform. Since podcast is simple and inexpensive
  •   Business has the chance to acquire a captivated audience with podcasts. Audiences can listen to the podcasts while keeping themselves busy in some other works.
  •   Podcasts literally echoes your business mantra inside audiences head
  •   Subscription to the podcast will automatically deliver it to your audience compared to emails or newsletters

trendsWill you like to become a podcaster? What will make your website or blog successful in that case? Why do business owners love to use podcasts?

The business owners should steer their venture with the current market trends. Podcasting is a million dollar business since an increased number of professionals have started to enter the game. To set the massive difference in the growth of your brand, business and audience, be the next big Podcaster.

Chalk Out a Plan for Podcasting

Podcasting is an excellent platform to share the content and is showing sign of resurgence with the thought leaders entering the Podcasting arenas in recent. (An excellent opportunity to have real good business profits)

If you want to enable a podcast for your business, have a plan and system for success. Podcasting is little difficult in the initial stage, but if you have a consistent approach then you can grow your business with an impact.

Take your podcasts as projects and ensure that they have a defined beginning and an end. Set up a workflow checklist for each episode. Have templates to show emails, follow-ups, pre-recorded intro’s video Screenflow templates, this checklist will help you to stay focused.

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Focus On the Date You Launch Your Podcast

Do you want your podcast to strike the chord of market with a loud bang? Then consider the launch date. iTunes the latest podcast traffic driver has enabled a feature called: New & Noteworthy. The two top rows forecast the trendy podcasts in session. So from the launch date you have 8 weeks to be the top 100 in New & Noteworthy section in iTunes.

Utilize this 8 weeks, how will you use it? – Release at least three podcasts on the launch day. The first weeks you must reach out to your audience asking them to download all three podcasts, then ask to leave a rating and review.

Simple math works out here: 100 subscribers will have 300 download in the first week and this help you to reach the top 100 in New & Noteworthy section. Once you reach the summit sit and watch your podcasts outperform.

Voice Talent Makes Your Podcast Stand Out

Add a flare of professionalism by hiring a professional voice for your podcasts. Record the intro and outro in his or her to set the huge difference in your production value. Key ingredient of a podcast is its host. A talented voice will keep your audience engaged for a longer time. A talented voice can make a crappy content exciting to hear.

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Podcast Length Is Important

Podcasts should be long enough to cover the essential details, but short enough to keep the note interesting to hear. If you are the sole speaker, then keep the length to fifteen minutes, and to extend the time you can add a few interviews. It is better to keep podcast short so that you do not exhaust the topic.

Get People to Visit Your Website or Blog

A podcast can help you to make people come back to your website or blog. While you run the show, remind your audience that they can always come to your website to get access to all the links mentioned in the episode. The listeners can easily browse through those links without playing the podcasts once more. Thus, you will be driving more traffic where all the actions take place. Make your journey easy with the use of redirect links or hub on your site where all your podcast shows stays listed.

Coming to the end of this blog piece, don’t you think to take up podcasting as your brand driver? In many aspects, podcasting is difficult than blogging, but one who hates to write will take up podcasting to make their brand perfectly.

Give it shot, as you have nothing to lose, create and re-create the new or stale content to boost up the traffic chart.

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Jason Smith is a freelance tax consultant, financial writer (website) and a guest speaker is presently residing in NY. He is keenly interested in changing face of global economy, anything related to tech and social media. As a single dad, he often finds it hard to maintain the work-life balance but still manages to make time for his baby boy, his band and golfing buddies!

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