Why your small business simply must have a memorable phone number

When you’re picking a telephone number to promote your small business, getting a memorable phone number, rather than any string of digits, could make a significant difference to how many of your customers, or potential customers, respond.

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So, what constitutes a memorable number? This can depend on a number of factors, including whether you want your business to be recognised in a particular geographic location, whether you want to offer free calls to your potential customers or whether you’re a charity or other not-for-profit organisation. Some examples of memorable numbers include:

  • 020 3151 1555
  • 0800 955 22 55
  • 0333 444 1 444

Here are 3 cast-iron reasons why your business simply must have a memorable phone number:

A memorable telephone number can be part of your brand

The best example of this is with taxis. If you’re anything like me, you’re more likely to remember the taxi company’s number more than the name of the taxi company. People will share a memorable telephone number, then remember which taxi company the number relates to.

This sort of “telephone number to company” association can work for other companies as well, particularly if you rely on word of mouth (e.g. plumbers, glazers, computer servicing).

But there are other ways you can make a telephone number more memorable and link it with your brand. They’re called “Alpha numbers”. This is more popular in the US, but can still work in the UK as well.

Alpha numbers aren’t any different to normal telephone numbers in how they work, but all you’re doing is associating the digits in the telephone number to the letters shown on a phone’s keypad. For example: 0845 468 MINT (0845 468 6468).

A memorable telephone number can make your adverts stand out

Having a telephone number with repeating digits or repeating your company name within it (an Alpha number) will add another dimension to your adverts.

You’ll see this all the time in TV advertising. People with short attention spans, or simply walking passed your advert in the street are more likely to take in your telephone number and respond if it’s made up of repeated digits, or sequences of digits.

But do people really remember telephone numbers anymore?

This is a common question. Is there really value for your business in getting a memorable number? Surely with mobile phones these days, people don’t remember numbers, they’re just saved in recent call lists on the phone?

That may well be the case, but in the same way as a memorable number helps your adverts stand out, so will that memorable number when it appears in people’s call lists.

Even with the power of Google at everyone’s finger tips (literally), word of mouth seems to be more important than ever. People still want to deal with people, so if you can make it easy for your customers to share your contact details using a memorable telephone number, you’ll then be sure of getting those quality leads.

Do your research and choose wisely

There are a number of telephone number vendors in the UK and it is important to make sure you deal with a reputable company that is classified as a Network Operator by both Ofcom and PhonepayPlus. Look for a company that has a simple to understand pricing structure, an easy to use number management system and offers different payment types for your memorable number. A particularly good example of an established, regulated telephone number company is TTNC who offer numbers for all UK area codes and 40 countries internationally, including USA toll-free numbers. Numbers can be set up to forward to your mobile or landline in a matter of minutes. You then have complete control of your numbers through their specially developed control panel.

How serviced office space gives start-ups the freedom to grow

Entrepreneurs and ambitious start-ups growing frustrated with working from their spare room or study face the dilemma of whether to stay small fry or take the next step up the ladder into their own premises.

Serviced Office Space

Working from home often seems like a great idea initially, but it comes fraught with challenges to overcome. Home life can become a distraction, left without motivation, privacy and an increased sense of isolation, resulting in a poor work-life balance.

Taking a leap of faith and moving into your own dedicated office may seem like a daunting step to take, but the benefits of working in an office are plentiful.

Serviced offices in particular offer a swift, stress-free solution to getting your business operational externally. With a serviced office, tenants are able to rent premises that is already kitted out with all the necessary technology and amenities to get on with what you do best from day one.

Start-ups require next to no initial capital investment with office equipment and furniture all included as part of the lease. Well-equipped serviced offices are now widely available in city centres and influential business districts throughout the UK.

These range from small owner-operated business centres to larger globally-run chains. But start-ups can rest assured there is always a centre available with a location, décor and price to suit your business needs.

Location-wise, new and growing businesses can find a business centre in and around their target customer base or in amongst the competition. Firms can appear in relevant directories and business listings without having to use a home address; the centre can be used as a registered address for heightened prestige.

Professionals can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities at an affordable price in a serviced office. Start-ups can make the most of amenities that may otherwise be out of budget; from 24/7 security and call handling services to mailing and meeting room space.

It gives new firms an entirely professional look from the outset, without having to incur all the costs involved. Furthermore, on-site support staff means start-ups have increased capacity to focus their efforts on their business.

The flexibility of serviced office leases is also very attractive to new and growing businesses, with low-risk three-month leases often available for particularly risk adverse business owners.

This is also very useful for start-ups who simply need bigger work space for a particular project without long term ties; with the ability to revert back to your home office upon completion if necessary. Businesses are not subject to expensive break clauses and, as projects come and go, you don’t have to overstretch yourself with long term overheads.

The idea of renting office space in a business centre with multiple other firms is a relatively new concept in the UK; however they have been an intrinsic feature of commercial property culture in the US for a number of decades.

Now is the time to take advantage of the most economical and practical way to control company costs whilst benefitting from the prestige and stature of being in association with a fully-managed business centre.

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‘How serviced office space gives start-ups the freedom to grow’ was written by Cathie Sellars, head of marketing at Workspace and is published with her permission.

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