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Call For Contributions

Do you want more traffic to your blog or website?

I’m taking a leaf from Darren Rowse’s book and having a holiday from blogging here at Small Business Branding and I’m looking for contributions from you so we can keep this place updated with great content while I’m gone.

I’m accepting article submissions from any reader on topics related to –

  • Small Business
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Business

That includes both online and offline versions of the above. Articles should be a minimum of 500 words. No advertorials – We don’t want to hear how good your business is, we want to know the stories behind the business, or your opinion/advice on any topic in this industry.

To submit your article email it to –

I’ll be having a few weeks off in July so I can focus 100% on getting Blog Traffic School finished so I’d like to feature 5-10 articles during this time. I’ll be selecting the best and most relevant articles to be published here at Small Business Branding and of course you get links back to your site in return for the content. This site is a PageRank 6 so the links are quite valuable!

What Was Your Best Marketing Success?

Asking questions is starting to become a habit at this blog but I think the group input is always valuable. One of the most interesting topics all business owners care about is marketing. We love to hear stories about marketing techniques that have proven to work well in the field on live businesses. So I have a question for you today which I hope many people will answer by leaving comments.

What has been the most successful marketing technique you have ever implemented?

If you have a story to tell please do. Any specific details such as return on investment, cost, time and format are appreciated. If you have more than one technique don’t hold back – hopefully we can stimulate some good ideas.

How Much Do You Spend On Education?

In the recent podcast interview I did with Daryl Grant she mentioned that she spends, combined with her husband, about $50,000 a year on attending seminars, mentoring, courses, workshops, books and other educational activities. That’s a lot of money to spend on self development, although I believe it’s worthwhile.

Of course not everyone is at a point where they have $50K to spend on education but we all have some time and money to be spent on improving ourselves as human beings and business owners.

Just recently I attended a Jay Abraham seminar which was part of a lead-in program for a more intensive and expensive Jay Abraham mentoring bootcamp and resources package. There are varying levels of products and courses that can be purchased, starting at about $3000, where you learn from Jay, who is well known as one of the most prominent marketing geniuses in the world today. You can attend the bootcamp for hands on help, buy the “home study” materials, become a VIP (almost $10K for that) and various combinations of different courses and resources. In case you were interested, I didn’t buy any.

I tend to do most of my learning via putting into practice things and testing. To be honest I’m quite slow at digesting books and more passive learning tools, but I do value them and learn from them. I’m just a lot more motivated when I get to put something into practice on-the-fly to learn, for example right now I’m learning a lot about launching an online course because I want to do a great job launching

Certainly ideas, tips and tricks for greater efficiency, more results for less effort and best practice techniques can be learnt from people who have been there and done that. For example without Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide To Google AdWords I doubt I would have learnt how to manipulate the AdWords PPC system to the degree I can now. However I am still very discerning when it comes to actually purchasing education – I’m not quite spending 50K a year, but I don’t have a problem with spending $1000 if what is offered clearly matches my needs.

How about you?

Do you have a budget for education? Do you buy information products and regularly invest in education? What sort of materials do you study more often – things you can directly apply to your business immediately or more passive, general self improvement?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Audio: How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Interview With Daryl Grant – Part 2

Download PodcastDownload the MP3 [ 30 Minutes – 6.9 MB]

This is the second and concluding part of the interview with Daryl Grant, who with her husband Andrew ( make over $250,000 USD selling multiple information products on various niche topics through the web.

You can download part one of this interview here – How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Part 1

Part 2 Show Notes

  • Daryl and I continue discussing the specific details on how her business works. In particular we cover –
    • How she finds profitable niches.
    • How she gets traffic to sales pages.
    • How the books are written (she doesn’t write them herself).
    • How she gets the copywriting done for the sales pages.
  • I ask Daryl whether she uses affiliates to sell her products for her and why she chose ClickBank as the payment processor for her products.
  • Daryl offers some advice for people considering following in her footsteps and building a passive income online.

Carnival Of Entrepreneurship

This week the Carnival of Entrepreneurship is at Matt Inglot’s blog and features my previous article – You Will Be Successful…In 5 Years.

Check out the carnival for links to more great business articles from around the blogosphere.

Vote For Small Business Branding In Blog Awards

MarketingSherpa is running their annual Marketing Awards for blogs and podcasts and this year I’d like your vote.

If you have appreciated my blog and/or podcast during the last 12 months please take a few seconds to vote for it.

Thank you!

World Cup Football Costs Australia $250 Million Per Game

Last night was pretty damn exciting if you are an Aussie. Our first Football World Cup match against Japan was considered lost for most of the game as we were down 0-1 up to the 83rd Minute when we finally put one away. Goals number two and three were added shortly after giving Australia a very late 3-1 victory. Quite amazing how quickly a football match can turn around.

This was all happening on a public holiday evening at 1 AM in the morning. You see Australia isn’t quite on the same timeline as Germany and in fact we were lucky to have a game that started as early as 10:30.

I was just reading the news today about it and came across this quote –

Workplace experts predict up to 20 per cent of employees will struggle to make it to work after each Socceroos match, costing businesses up to $250 million a game.

– Source: Fans catch World Cup fever

Only in Australia would sport have so much impact on the economy. It makes me proud 🙂

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