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Hard of Hearing Visionaries: The Best Kind.

If you’re the sort of visionary who regularly doesn’t hear things like – “We can’t do that!” or “It’ll never work.” or “Right now’s not the time.” or “That’s beyond our scope.” – you’re just the sort of person who’s selective hearing makes you great!

It’s not easy leading a company when you’re surrounded by “practical” or “realistic” conformists. The only way to live your dream and passion is to have one in the first place. Most businesses allow the economy to happen to them, rather than creating they’re own. For those nay-sayers, it’s not that they’re not listening, it’s more to the fact that they’re not saying anything that’s going to get you ahead.

The time to do anything is right now! Timing is never going to be perfect, barriers are going to spring up at anytime. The economy is going to soar and nose-dive and soar at will. Only the deaf will survive. The hearing impaired are those who listen to their passions and leap the barriers. Some may say this is fool-hardy and not realistic. With those comments I only see barriers, not vision.

I am surrounded by visionaries, by choice. You know the type – people who refuse to quit and are perpetually positive. We accept that bad things happen to people, but that there is always a way out. It’s never easy or short-term. You’re no doubt working for the hardest boss you’ve ever had – YOURSELF.

This article was inspired by a gentleman who owns a tooling and manufacturing company in the plastics industry – Cavalier Tool. I did him a favour and dropped by to explain blogging. He in return took me on a tour of his facility and inspired me with his infectious attitude. When ever he came across deficiencies in the system he took them as challenges to improve. He too is “hearing impaired” and refused to be good and opted for great.

It’s happening every day at large companies and small. As Disney once said, “If you can imagine it, you can do it.”

Now that’s something worth hearing.

Are You happy With Your Personal Brand?

Generating leads is all about who knows you. Not only knowing who you are but what their perception of you is? That perception is reality on the street or online. The challenge in nurturing your personal brand is consistency. Online, the other person doesn’t have the opportunity to know you face-to-face. I’ll use myself as an example. Look at my website and study my brand image. ( I’ll wait here and give you a few minutes. )

Alright then. You may have noticed that my brand palette is black, mustard yellow and gray. I have some free information available on the surface of my site and deeper into it. The language is straight forward and direct. I’m hoping that you as the reader find it engaging, no B.S. and friendly.

All of my marketing materials from my business card, brochures, display materials, different presentations for speaking engagements, my twitter page, blog and everything and anything maintain those same attributes. If you were to run into me at an off-line networking event, (or any other business activity) I’m the character all dressed in black with my logo and slogan embroidered above my breast pocket. My sleeves are rolled up and I try to reach out to whom ever i come into contact with, I try to break down any barriers and offer as much free advice as i can for that moment. I never hand out a business card unless asked for one. (Even if there’s a flurry of card passers in my midst).

When I give presentations, every slide has my company logo so that my audience never forgets who is in front of them. My podcasts have a audio cue and an opening and closing stating my brand name. EVERY touchpoint is important in creating and maintaining my overall brand. You cannot afford to have any loose ends.

It’s your brand, it’s up to you to define it. Taking it lightly, will cost you a fortune later trying to clean it up. The great thing is it doesn’t feel like work – I enjoy my brand image and positioning.

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