Start A business For Beer Money!


Many of my peers in business are looking for ways to increase their opportunities and help others in the process. One of my fellow charter members of MOOB, (Mind Our Own Business), Marcia Hoeck has put together a telesummit featuring a dozen high profile speakers on being your own boss, throwing up that shingle and giving it a go. The fantastic thing is that they’re not charging a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars for this series of a dozen interviews. The fee is only 37 bucks USD ( a few cases of beer – at least here in Canada). They are also donating a portion to KIVA to help fund small business in developing countries.

Marcia herself has had year over year success for the last 25 years. She is engaging and a great friend. I’ve already signed up. I’ve been in business for at least as long as Marcia, and I learn new stuff all the time. The “Corporate Entrepreneurs Unplugged Teleseminar” – Check it out.

Once you’ve read the splash page, come back and tell me what you think? Marcia would love the feed-back.


  1. This is a great opportunity to those who want to start a new business. For me the registration fee or whatever is nothing for a great opportunity knowing how to start a business and have it grow.

    by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

  2. Brandon Cameron says

    these is a good opportunity for those who wants to start venturing by starting their own business. well growing it will require a lot of efforts though

  3. The more people doing the same thing like Maria did, the more people are aware how imprtant to make our own business, and I was surprise that the telesummit is only $37, I attend the same summit and pay $600.