Post #1000 – What’s Your Ultimate Wish For Your Business?

Post #1000 – What’s Your Ultimate Wish For Your Business?

We’re celebrating our 1000 post right here! 🙂 There’s been plenty of fabulous posts, controversy, inspiration, encouragement and everything in between.

I’d like to focus this post on you this time. Starting a business takes courage, running a business takes determination, and being successful is entirely up to no one else but you.

I personally think one of the biggest things that stops people from being crazy successful is they either don’t believe in themself OR they never take the first steps to getting things done.  I’m sure there are plenty more reasons but those are the two that usually stop me if I’m not reaching new levels in my business.

The sad reality of it is that you can have all the inspiration in the world but it’s not going to make you actually get the work done that you need to do.  You may even have someone at home like your spouse, parent or even a child that thinks you’re “playing around.”

With me, I’m all about keeping my mind clear, staying motivated and pushing through any rough spots — power through it all and get the job done already.  Focus is also a huge thing, without it you’re lost in the woods.


I’d like to give you some tips on transformation and actually making small changes to get to the bigger end result.

It’s so very easy to want to accomplish things and quite another to actually accomplish them. If you have a list as long as your arm and have procrastinated on every single item, there is something you can do to become a highly disciplined and motivated individual.

Really, you can do it. Here’s how:

Transforming tip #1 – Create a habit of success – One of the easiest ways to transform yourself from a procrastinator to a doer is to feel the sweet touch of success. Once you have the bug, you’ll want to continue. Start by setting small goals you know you can achieve. An easy example is exercise.

Let’s say you have the goal to run 5K and yet you can’t seem to motivate yourself to put a single foot out the door, despite all the great running gear hanging in your closet with the tags still on. To establish a habit of success, start with a smaller goal, say running for half a mile and walking the rest, or walking for ten minutes and running for five.

Right now, take a look at your most desired goal and think about how you can break it into smaller goals to create a habit of success.

Transforming tip #2 – Eliminate your excuses – “It’ll take too long.”  “It’ll be too hard.” “I might fail.”  “I’ll make someone mad.”  “I’m too busy or I’m too tired.”  Sound familiar? Behind every undone task and goal yet to be accomplished is a litany of excuses. What are yours? Write them down. What do you hear yourself saying every time you think about getting started? Take a good look at your excuses. Are they really true? Now ask yourself what you have to gain from achieving your goals.

Transforming tip #3
– Reward yourself – Give yourself something really good for achieving your goals, whatever they are. This is a great way to motivate yourself in the beginning. Whether your reward is a new pair of shoes or tickets to a show or sporting event you want to attend, it’ll help you take that first step – and the first step is often the hardest to take. Once you’re on the track to success, the rest is easy.

Transforming tip #4 – Create a plan – Sometimes we procrastinate because we just don’t know where to start. Planning how to achieve your goal helps you gain some control over the process and see where there might be potential hurdles. Additionally, it’s action toward success so you sort of trick yourself into taking the first step. When creating a plan, consider transforming tip #1 and create smaller, achievable goals. Finally, don’t let the planning stage be your excuse to procrastinate further. Once you have a plan, take action.

Transforming tip #5 – Find a role model – There’s an expert, coach or role model for just about every industry, profession, or goal. Finding one can be the final push to help you find the motivation you need to be that highly motivated person dying to get out. Who inspires you?

Transforming yourself from a procrastinator into a highly motivated person is in your hands. You’re the only one who can take the steps required to get where you want to be – and guess what? You can do it!

Now I’d like to ask you…

What’s Your Ultimate Wish For Your Business?

Please post below here in the comments so we can share ideas back and forth.


  1. Thanks for 1,000 helpful, inspiring posts.

    Btw, I love transforming tips #1 & #2

  2. I just started my own business this month and experience these things myself. I am totally into Internet Marketing but sometimes it is just that you know what you gotta do but you are not doing it. This can have different reasons for me it is often motivation. If I see the project isn’t paying off right away I lose interest and focus on something else.

    It is all about going through with it no matter what. Motivation comes and goes.

    Plans are definately the way to go. If I don’t write a nice to do list for the day… nothing gets done cause I will get destracted every 2 minutes.

    Thanks for all the great tipps and keep them coming.

    • Hello Z — I know it can get frustrating when things don’t happen overnight.. but if you were starting up a traditional business that was offline it wouldn’t happen overnight there either. I think you are forced to push yourself into your business to make it successful. I had an offline business and couldn’t believe how much work an online business is. It’s pretty much the same amount of work, it’s just different online. You still need to work your butt off but the nice thing is once you get to a certain point you can relax a bit or take a breath. It’s not easy, but it can be done. I’m so glad you enjoy my tips, I will for sure keep them coming! 🙂

  3. I like the Transforming tip #3 – Reward yourself !

  4. Thanks for 1,000 helpful, inspiring posts.

  5. I just started Clearly Local and right now I’d like other businesses to start using it. No specific number in mind. I’d be happy with just a business or two for now. I know, I know, hardly a high goal. But you have to start somewhere, right? I’ll start with 1 and work my way up.

  6. My ultimate wish is that long term my website produces income with little effort 🙂

    • Well it does take a lot of work, you may want to read my comment above to “Z” but at the same time, there are ways to get around a heavy work load with outsourcing. I’m actually posting a new podcast here shortly on that very topic.

  7. Henry Turner says

    Thanks for all that you are doing. I’ve been in mlm for some time now, BUT, haven’t gotten very far. Various reasons. Amway is my supplier and they refer to me as an IBO So, in that sence I am not a representive of Amway. I think I want to have an income of $3540 per month within 15 months from now which is April 2010. I want to leave this business to my Wife.