How iPad Opens The Door To You Magazine

How iPad Opens The Door To You Magazine

They are starting to say it already, “Tablets are redefining digital media.” You’d think the Amazon Kindle; the Sony Reader and a dozen or so lesser knowns were from another planet.

The iPad in the few short weeks since it’s launch have single handedly put tablets on the map. Its vastly superior design and capabilities as well as its color display has instant market share with around half a million sold already.

Why should you care? You might now read that much and it seems like all too much hype for you. I anxiously awaited the iPad because I absolutely believe that it democratizes publishing much like iTunes democratized the music industry. iTunes allows any recording artist a vast audience without the need to belong to any particular recording company.

Simply put: iPad allows ANYONE to publish their own eMagazine and distribute it world wide. There are some very key benefits to this:

NO printing costs

That’s right. Traditionally printed magazines costs an enormous amount of money. You need a large subscriber base paying reasonable dollars to make it all worthwhile and profitable for that matter. As a matter of fact, you also need paying advertisers to make it viable, otherwise, the subscriber rates would be prohibitive.

NO distribution costs

Traditional magazines have to pay the post office or private distributors to deliver their magazines to someone’s front door. Shippers deliver stacks to bricks and mortar locations for general public sales. The iPad in the hands of your audience is all you need to put YOU Magazine out there.

Ability to deliver content to a very narrow niche audience.

Whether you have one reader or millions, it doesn’t matter. YOU Magazine can talk directly to a VERY specific (or niche) audience. This specificity allows extremely targeted discussions. If all you want to discuss is Pez dispensers, you now have the luxury to do so.

Attract niche advertisers

Delivering the above niche audience to an advertiser is very powerful. It is cost-effective for them and profitable for YOU Magazine. It is the perfect opportunity for small advertisers who don’t have the Nike budgets. They recognize the beauty in a small audience, when that audience is 100% their target demographic, and the delivery vehicle is able to deliver a multimedia message to them.

NO limitations due to size of subscriber base

Traditionally you needed a massive audience to do some interesting things for your readers. Digital products on a platform like the iPad open very large opportunities limited only by your imagination.

Become the publishing mogul of your universe

You can have one publication or dozens in your stable. There are NO limits anymore. The entire world is now your audience and marketplace.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on embracing YOU Magazine. Free range magazines are here – REJOICE!


  1. How can it have no distribution costs if Apple takes a cut of all apps sold?
    If you are distributing the magazine for free, then it is exactly the same as a website and the advantages of Apples closed system evaporate.

  2. hi Ed,
    I think it was an accident on your part, but your title got me to click through. To explain, I thought the “You” was a typo and should be “Your” (so I clicked through to comment and let you know 🙂 ), but now I realize you really meant “YOU”… right? But is YOU magazine real, or do you mean a magazine that “you” can publish, i.e. your own personal magazine?
    PS. I think the iPad will be huge, and will open may new windows.

  3. Justin: YOU magazine doesn’t have to be an app. iPad reads PDF’s and ePub files as well. Your magazine can also be web based. Now let’s say it’s web based, you’re right that it doesn’t necessarily have to be on an iPad, but reading it there is a much better experience than a laptop balanced on your lap or sitting bolt-upright in a chair on your desktop.

    I’m envisioning an ePub file myself. But, if it is an app, then yes there are distribution costs to the tune of 40%. But that can be off-set depending on your pricing model.

    TSR: I meant it as “YOU” (personally) Magazine, or put another way “ME” Magazine or any name you like because it’s yours. And yes, I’m suggest you can start the “Trade Show Rockstar Magazine” and iPad is your delivery channel. The fact that it is not huge, but a niche is the desirability of it.

  4. Dan Moore says

    You know, I couldn’t help noticing that not once, anywhere in this article is there an actual description of how to do this, or even where to go for more information. Yes, it’s great that we can do this. Now, how the Hell do I find where to go or what to do?

    From the looks of things, you have to have an actual magazine business, with attendant investments, before you can publish. None of the apps I’ve seen advertised make the route to self-publishing obvious either…

    So, while I think it’s great you’re making people aware of these things, you’ve failed the basic communication at a fundamental level, sort of like saying “There’s a way to do a thing, and I know how, and it’s GREAT…but you have to find it out for yourself ’cause I’m not telling”.

    And that’s no different from ‘traditional’ publishing.

  5. I touch on that in the comment above Dan. I don’t think you have to an existing magazine business at all. That’s my point. Your existing blog can just as easily become a magazine in ePub format. You audience is the niche list you should be building over time. If your niche is several thousand that should be enough to attract the attention of advertisers.

    Your magazine doesn’t have to be the scope of Time to make an impact. I’m not saying it would be as simple as an app and viola! a magazine. That’s naive. If I wanted to protect my concept, by “not telling”, I wouldn’t bother bringing it up in the first place. I only hope to inspire you. My only wish is that when you do launch your own emagazine you let us know so that we can all subscribe.