Get Real! Brand Authenticity and You.

Get Real! Brand Authenticity and You.

Today’s marketplace is a great place for brands and their advocates to exist. Traditionally, prior to the web, all a brand could do was to make their consumers “aware” of their brand was using advertising channels such as bill boards, transit, radio, TV and public relations. Once a consumer got wind of the brand that interested them, they would have to physically visit the bricks and mortar location for more information. Or they could look in their mail boxes for flyers, or their daily newspapers for inserts and printed ads etc. The entire buying cycle was initiated by the brand and reacted to by the buyer. Very straight forward and not very deep.

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In today’s marketplace the consumer has a limitless access to the brand’s environment. Brand’s can more easily form strong relationships with their customers. Some would say today’s digital environment makes loyalty tougher. I believe it to be easier, so long as you’re willing to engage customers with a genuine brand experience. If the brand chooses to try and manipulate the experience based on an unrealistic expectation, they will more likely be viewed as not being authentic. That authenticity is a hallmark of proper branding.

But if your brand strives to provide an authentic persona, it’s a great platform to engage customers. You’re able to feed them your expertise on many levels. This acceptance allows you the potential to charge more for your services. If you’re a services based brand this open environment allows you to properly exhibit your expertise and this draws customers to you. Your are perceived as the expert your brand touts you to be.

The bottom line is to embrace the opportunities the digital world is serving up. You make think that there’s no space for you to play or that it’s over your head. Toss those barriers aside and embrace the web. You will be shocked with the results of your efforts over time.


  1. Great post, Ed. Being authentic is important now.

    • Thanks Harlan. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t recognize the value of authenticity. They forget how the web reveals all. Have a profitable month.

  2. I totally agree with you Ed and I would suggest also watching this video about “Authenticity” – – in which Mike Robbins explains how our ability to be authentic that gives us true freedom in life.

  3. Brand is an experience and if the experience is not real, memorable and sharable then there will be an identity crisis for that brand. So authenticity is must for branding. Today’s brands can’t just be an object they must have a human touch, a story to engage with.
    Really Enjoyed reading this post and thanks for sharing.

    • It’s funny isn’t it Sonia with all the interaction online, we still crave that human element. Thanks for your opinion.