Savings to be made for the bold…

In business it mainly comes down to money for most things. How much do you make in a wage? How much does your company turn over? What does the accountant say is the bottom line at the year end? But do you ever think about how much you could be saving? As someone who takes […]

Are you a SWOT?

OK, a bit rude of me to ask, but well, are you? Or more to the point “do you”? More and more often I hear and see companies, especially in their early days NOT doing a SWOT analysis on their marketing spend when in reality this is exactly the time they should be doing one. […]

The A-Z of Business (E and F)

Ok so I’ve already given you A,B,C and D…so here’s the next (hopefully!) insightful instalment into my A-Z of business. Experts. So you’ve set up in business and your probably producing a widget or providing a great service and that’s the thing you will be an expert in your given area. That does not necessarily […]

Selling to Women – The New Pink Pound?

I had a meeting this week with an old business aquaintance of mine called Caroline Anstee who has a firm of IFAs which is run by women for women called Elements. We were talking and she was telling me how much her business had taken off in the last few years and that the “pink […]

Have You Got the ABCD to Do Business?

When you start out in business one of the last things that you will do is interview yourself for the role of MD in your company, but if you were to then would you make the grade? Well a simple way to find out is to ask yourself have you got the ABCD to do […]

Is Red Tape Killing Your Business?

I know it’s certainly got a strangle hold on our business. Of course this is an internationally read and contributed to site here at SBB so different business laws will apply to different folk, but generally speaking I do think as a business owner red tape is too constricting.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Business – Part 2.

Ok you may remember in Part 1, how I told you all about how through hard work you would make a success of business and that no business – no matter how easy the owner makes it look has ever had an easy ride of things. Well, here in Part 2 I’m going to let […]

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