Does Your Brand Suffer from IDD (Identity Deficit Disorder)?

It’s a pervasive problem. Identity Deficit Disorder afflicts many brands. Do you suffer from IDD? Here are some of the most common symptoms: 1. Lack of focus – it’s not clear what the brand stands for. 2. Has trouble organizing – can’t seem to look at the big picture and ensure that a coherent identity […]

Brand Identity: What’s Your Threat Level?

The most secure and successful brands are so clearly differentiated in the minds of clients, and give such value to them, that their identity is easily “passed around” in the marketplace. What’s the “threat level” of your brand? How can you move to a position of market security? Think about brands that, in your own […]

Branding at a Trade Show

I just returned from a conference, which had over 100 exhibitors in the exhibit hall. In over 20 years of both attending and displaying at trade shows, I marvel at how badly many companies manage the opportunity to promote their brand. Here are a few tips for more effective branding on the exhibit floor: 1. […]

Collaborative Branding: Announcing BrandingWire

How do you harness a dozen creative marketing minds – most of whom have never met each other – into a collective branding project? Answer: BrandingWire. A blog-based, live experiment in collaborative branding. Marketing bloggers have begun to develop quite a spirit of mutual respect, encouragement, and cooperation. Growing out of some recent collaborative projects […]

Does this Tagline “Get it Done?”

I noticed this week that the big financial group Citi has launched a new campaign. It’s actually quite well done on many fronts (I saw it first in a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal; however, you can see an on-line version at The tagline is “let’s get it done.” The premise: Dreams […]

Re-Branding Chrysler

It’s been high up in the news columns of late – the U.S. car company Chrysler is being split off from its unfortunate marriage to the German company Daimler, and will return to its status as an unwed manufacturer. In fact, the Cerberus Capital Management purchase will give Chrysler a very interesting opportunity – re-asserting […]

How To Be Unremarkable

It’s doubtful that any small business owner sits down to compose his or her Business Plan, and starts the list with a #1 priority such as this: Get lost in the crowd Yet, it would almost seem that many, when naming their companies or coming up with a tagline, actually adopt that as a goal! […]

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