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#17 Are You Making These Common Networking Mistakes? [Podcast]

If you have never attended a business event in person, then you absolutely must try at least once this year. There are so many reasons why you should which I covered in this show and also the mistakes I see people make regularly. Listen in now…


Key Takeaways

  • Come out of your introverted shell. You’ll do just fine, from one introvert to another.
  • Choose the right event.
  • Spend time networking. Crazy to not network at an event yes. But people do that.
  • Don’t bury your nose in your device.
  • Bring your business cards. Yes, business cards and we’ll talk about how to make yours fresh, exciting and not old school.
  • Pay attention to what’s happening around you.

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Exposure & Profit

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#16 7 Methods For Making Smart, Effective Offers [Podcast]

When you make the right offer, to the right people and the right time, you are going to meet your financial goals. It’s really simple. You need to make offers to get the sale.

Today, I’m going to share 7 methods to help you craft effective offers, the smart way.


Key Takeaways

  • Be constantly on the lookout for what’s going on around you
  • Review your feedback
  • Reward your special audiences
  • Bulk and repeat order discounts or special orders
  • How payment alternatives can help
  • Why offer gift purchases
  • What kinds of bundle and value added offers you can make

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When All Else Fails, Trust Your Brand!

9673439_sWe all have good days and bad days. What do you do when that stretches to weeks and months? It’s the kind of situation that has your mind playing all kinds of tricks on you. Has your run come to its end? Have you lost your mojo? Maybe the world simply doesn’t need your product or service anymore. You start to point fingers at all kinds of reasons to explain this increasingly desperate situation. This post comes from a conversation I had recently with an associate of mine.

They felt the problem was that on their website the tone of the message was coming from “we” and they felt it should be “I”. This they felt, was one of the reasons why business dropped off the face of the earth. I thought not on the other hand. My thoughts were that once the (we’s) were changing to (I’s) we’d also be having this gloomy discussion again about poor business.

Then I asked a key question – “I understand that you’re slow, but are you taking this opportunity to market yourself?” “No” they said, “we don’t have the money.” I proceeded to ask if they had a database of potential customers and they said yes. Then why aren’t you doing email marketing? Why aren’t you cold calling? Why aren’t you attending networking events? Why are you doing nothing at all to attract business to yourself and have settled with pointing fingers outward instead of inward. There is no good reason to do a better job looking for blame than looking for a solution. We have to eat and pay bills – that’s not going away.

I too had a slow summer last year – so I spent all my time marketing myself, networking, looking and developing opportunities, trying to do whatever i could to keep my spirits up and allowing a positive attitude to drive business my way. My friend’s conversation touched me but frustrated me more when I discovered their reluctance to help themselves. Even though I was slow, I at no time felt the need to change my brand, change my message. It worked for me in the past and is still working moving forward. Suppress the urge to change up your brand. Spend your energy pushing it even harder.

Change or stay the same – the choice is yours of course. The hard choice seems to be trusting in yourself. I think change is the sucker punch.

What Happens If You Implement Small Tweaks Everyday?

Userapp is a software that helps app developers implement user authentication and management. Their product may not be right for you but this presentation they put out could. Check it out.

For me, the most important message of this is NOT their results. In fact, you should ignore their results – why? Because…

Copying others’ successes does not guarantee yours.

What you should emulate though is their daily commitment to tweak something. Try and test out something to see if it works better. That is the moral of this presentation.

#15 5 Annual Checkups For A Thriving Rest of The Year [Podcast]

If you listened to our show last week, you would have heard me talk about and emphasize the importance of looking into your business’ affairs at regular, predictable intervals like daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Today, I’m going to share some tasks that we should look into right about this time of the year so the rest of the year can run better.


Key Takeaways

  • Check in on your domains. Prune and review contact information.
  • Write or complete those content drafts
  • Update popular content
  • Refresh your affiliate ads and resources
  • Optimize your virtual real estate for sales

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What A Janitor’s Revenge Teaches You About Human Behavior

I saw this floating around on Facebook and of course being curious clicked to watch for some laughs.

What I go though was more than just laughs. Over and over again I see what people ahead of us and our business coaches keep saying.


Tell people what to do.

It sounds a little demeaning but I can’t help thinking how all those in this video but one decided to skip the crazy trail. Now, I know that it is tough and not a great idea to walk in thick snow if you aren’t wearing the right footwear. That probably contributes to the majority of people in the video choosing to walk that trail anyhow.

Not a scientific experiment but it does show. People tend to simply follow.

#14 Keeping Your Goals Front and Center [Podcast]

Do you secretly worry that you will lose sight of your goals by the time February – or worse – the end of January rolls around? We all slip up and most of us fall off the bandwagon by then.

Listen to this podcast to discover what I discovered myself in reviewing the past year and what can help you keep your goals in front of you at all times through December of this year.


Key Takeaways

  • Develop habits
  • Do one task daily to move you closer to the end result
  • Review daily
  • Bottom line – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Resources & Mentions

Profitable Tech

The How (and Wow) of Habits by Carrie Willard

Train Your VA To Make You Money

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