The Art of the Key Messaging Platform

Every business – large or small – should have a differentiating “key messaging platform” consisting of the following: A. Corporate positioning statement B. Supporting key messages C. Supporting proof points D. Customer value propositions/statements Together, these four components comprise a business’s key messaging platform. Personally, I never leave home without it. That is, I have […]

Bulletproof Your Brand With Claims You Can Substantiate

We all know that customer promises are a dime a dozen: A. Buy this product and your hair is guaranteed to grow B. Use this pill and you’re sure to lose weight C. Our hamburgers use the highest quality meat D. Our shoes help you run faster Today’s educated consumer is growing more and more […]

A Little PR Can Go a Long Way Toward Branding Your Business

For those of you who don’t know much about PR, let me take a few minutes to share what I’ve learned over my 10-plus year career at four different PR agencies in NYC and Los Angeles. In short, PR CAN BE HUGE in terms of branding your business!! From my experiences supporting dozens of B2B […]

Branding on a Shoestring Budget

Branding and competitive differentiation is imperative to business success, but your strategies don’t need to break the bank to be effective! Over the years I have come across some pretty successful, innovative ways to stand out from the competition, that did not really cost all that much, if anything. Here are some of those ideas: […]

Should You Brand Yourself or Your Business?

With all of the excitement of starting a small business we sometimes don’t think far enough ahead to make long-term, well-thought decisions. We just jump on the moving train and head north. One of these very critical decisions that I am alluding to is the notion of whether to brand yourself (meaning your name) or […]

Promote Your Brand With An Online Ecosystem

Effective brand communication starts and ends with integration and differentiation. I’ve already talked a lot about differentiation, so now I’m going to talk about integration. A great way to pull clients and prospects into your web of influence is by having an integrated online communications strategy. This is a cohesive set of tactics and media/communications […]

In Branding, Sometimes Seeing is Believing

In addition to bulletproof key messages and compelling sales/marketing copy, sometimes it can help to develop and promote a graphical representation of the value your products and services bring to clients. In my business, I call this a “customer value model”. Similar to a picture, a customer value model allows you to explain complex solutions […]

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