A Guaranteed Technique to Remain the Leader in Your Niche Forever

I don’t know about you, but my partners and I sometimes find it difficult to infuse new and fresh ideas into our company on a consistent basis. However, over the years, we have learned many techniques to keep the flow of new ideas continuous and remain competitive within our chosen niches. In this article, I will […]

Should You Steal Your Competitors Marketing Ideas and Brand Identity?

I recently talked with an old friend a few weeks ago. The last time I talked with him was during the Christmas season in 2005. After a few minutes of catching up on old memories, the conversation turned to owning and operating a small business. Since the time I talked with my friend in 2005, […]

Can you always make the right decision in branding and marketing your business?

In making branding and marketing decisions for your business, is there a way to ensure you will always make the right choice? I believe the answer is yes! Mountains are climbed. Rivers are conquered. Records are set. These achievements occur because one of the benefits of being human is the ability to choose among the […]

In Branding Your Business – History Always Repeats Itself

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a start-up business, or a multi-million dollar corporation, history repeats itself every day regarding your brand. Repeating history plays a vital role in developing and maintaining your brand. Your “brand” is the personal perception each individual customer experiences every time they interact with your company. An interaction is defined […]

Creative Leadership: Juicy Food for the Brand Soul

Recently stumbled upon a fantastic article. In The Artist, by Tom Heuerman, Ph.D. with Diane Olson, Ph.D., I found comfort in the story of Kinji Akagawa, an artist from Japan in the 1950’s. 22 year-old Kinji, journeyed to the U.S. seeking education and the American dream. He wanted to go home many times but he […]

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