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Yaro Starak is an Internet business and blogging expert. He runs the successful Internet business blog - http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com and teaches about how to make money from blogging at http://www.blogmastermind.com.

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This Guy Is Responsible For My Small Business Having A Number One Google Ranking

Many years ago I launched my first serious small business, BetterEdit.com. For the first few years it was a tough hard slog to get new clients. My marketing was okay, but it was very labor intensive since it focused on placing posters at university campuses to promote the editing service. If I didn’t put up […]

Marketing With Blog Directories – BlogCatalog.com Review

Blogging, it’s all the rage these days. If you know me, you know I love blogs and I love blogging. A good chunk of my living is made from blogs and blogging and I constantly recommend them as a means to market your business and develop a personal brand (see Small Business Branding – It’s […]

Applications For New Writers Closed

Thanks to everyone who responded to Rob’s post asking for new contributors to the Small Business Branding team. We have now closed the doors so please no more applications until next time we look for writers. I’m in communication with all the applicants and should hopefully be able to introduce you to some great new […]

How Important Is Foreign Currency To A Small Business Website?

One of the main reasons I love living in Australia and working online is how weak the Aussie dollar is compared to the USA. The difference is not as “good” as it used to be, but there is still around an 15%-20% benefit on the dollar when I make a sale in USD. I have […]

Do Your Customers Love Your Product This Much?

Here’s an example of customer evangelism that most companies could only wish for. Apple of course has legions of people who are just as much fans of the products as they are customers. Mac, you’re beautiful.

Text-Link-Ads Review – A Monetization Solution For Small Business Bloggers?

This is a sponsored review containing affiliate links. I’ve been using Text-Link-Ads on this blog for a while as a means to monetize it. Far and away Text-Link-Ads is the best method to make money from a blog like this, focused on small business marketing and branding. The people behind the company contacted me through […]

15 Ways To Leverage An Article

Will Swayne over at the Marketing Results blog has posted a list of 15 Ways To Leverage an Article that looks at using articles for marketing in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. This list refers to how you can leverage other people’s articles in your business, which is certainly less work than writing your own! […]

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