Why Are You Afraid Of Me?

I’m seeing more and more of this -especially on tech sites. On the contact us page all they offer you is a form so that they can qualify you. What I don’t see is anything about where they are located, what they’re phone number is etc. For me, I want to know where you’re from. No particular reason -I just like to know. Sometimes you’re near other companies I know.

It concerns me that you don’t want to divulge that information. God forbid I actually call before you vet me. Already I can see that dealing with these hidden companies shows that they are all about their convenience not yours.

It is a pet peeve of mine, but I think it speaks to authenticity in a brand. I would bet that one of their brand values is service. They understand the word, not the effort that goes in to making service part of their corporate culture. If I was to somehow find their phone number what do you think the chances are you’d find a live body answering it?

Great service is not convenient it’s expected. Every little thing you do to diminish service is one step walking away from you. There are manufacturing companies in my region who have replaced live contact at the front door with a telephone and a directory. How’s a new customer to feel when they are forced to sit in a cold little seat searching a tacky directory to hale their contact to recover them from the vestibule?

Both of these examples are from the front end of the business. Both initial contact points. Sometimes saving a few dollars or being closed to connecting personally are small ideas that can cost you a huge amount of money in the long run.

Or it could just be me. I’m guessing a lot of professionals resent these tactics. Are you willing to bet
your brand on it?

Amplify Your Content Marketing With This Free Blogging Planner

You know the saying. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning however doesn’t come easily for some. Not sure about you, but I was never taught how to plan in when I was in school, which is rather unfortunate, but no fear. One way to start is with a good planner.

Now we all have our favorites so it’s OK to continue using that. I use BlogEnergizer’s planner because content marketing is an integral part of our business and the planner is geared towards that. It also has useful information how to make the planner work best and gives you simple but effective productivity tracking and social media checklist tools built right in.

The digital copy is free for download. They also have print copies available and for a very short time, there’s a 30% off coupon for print copies. It’s all right there on BlogEnergizer itself. Check it out.


What Makes People Buy, Buy More, And Buy Often

This is the million dollar question isnt’ it? We all want need people to buy or our businesses will die. Although we know more or less why and what triggers a sale, especially when we know our customers well, but understanding general trends can help us too.

This infographic gives you some pretty interesting snapshots based on a shopper survey. One of the things I find really interesting is the percentage of people who won’t share about their purchase on social media. Just because social media is hot and you can doesn’t mean that it works.

That reflects my own online shopping behavior as well. I always felt uncomfortable sharing what I just bought because there are things you just don’t want to broadcast. On top of that, it’s a little scary putting out these fine data about yourself out there for any stalker to piece together. There is only one exception to this. That’s when I’m offered a discount for sharing or some other incentive. Even that it’s a maybe, but it does increase the chances of sharing.

What do you think of the data in this infographic?

Infographic – Understanding eCommerce consumers this holiday shopping season.

It’s Not About How You Start

I’m at the WebCamp Live event this weekend by Armand Morin, and each morning, Jim Howard opens the event. Jim and his wife Chris used to run a printing company and has helped many businesses with their branding. Their story is so very inspiring and Jim is a fabulous speaker.

Today, he mentioned something that I’ve heard him say before. I’m so very glad to be reminded again. This is what he says…



Did you get that? “It’s never about how you start. It’s how you finish.”

Right now, the end of the year is around the corner. Will you spend this time crying over everything you didn’t get to do, things you didn’t achieve this year or are you going to finish the year strong and get going anyway?

Remember, it’s just the end of the year. Not the end of your life… at least, I hope. So as long as you are still able, let’s be finishers.

6 Highly Shareable Quote Image Ideas

I don’t tire of quote images. Even collect them on Pinterest. I’m likely not the only one. Perhaps that is why images are the most shared posts on social media.

Creating them is also simple and I’ve usually stuck with quotes but sometimes it can get a bit boring. Especially when all you post are the same old quotes others have created before. That’s why I like these quote image ideas by Kristi Hines. Love #1. That’s a bit like a mini infographic except it’s a whole lot easier, cheaper and faster to create.

I know friends who use #2 well. It’s something I’d like to try but would definitely be more cautious and ask for permission because many events do not allow photo taking or recording of any sort.

In addition to Hine’s suggestions, let me also add, look to your old blog posts. You’ll surprise yourself how much awesome content you’ve posted in the past. So refresh and re-purpose parts of them into quote images.



6 Fixes For Feeble Landing Pages

What do you do when you put up a landing page and find it doesn’t convert so well? Do you throw your hands up and say, I tried, but it didn’t work?

I hope not. The right answer is to tweak it. Maybe the offer isn’t right – that’s of course a big one but there are other things besides the offer. Maybe people just feel lost, confused, or they don’t believe you.

Oli Gardner of Unbounce outlines 6 things you can do to fix an underperforming landing page. I agree 100% with #1. #2 is what I struggle with often but that also reminds me how helpful it is to have multiple landing pages for the same offer but different contexts and sub-markets.

What about you?

Landing page fixes

Habits of Unsuccessful People. Do You Spot Yourself?

I’ve heard it many times especially during webinars and interviews with successful people. They would sometimes say that there’s nothing different about them. That they too put on their pants one leg at a time like you do. They say there isn’t anything really special about them and that means whatever they achieve you can too.

While that is very motivating and I do buy that… up to a certain point.

It is true they aren’t super men or women. However, there are certain things successful people do that others don’t. There are habits, mindsets and outlooks they hold that others don’t.

This infographic isn’t complete of course but it gives a great basic overview how unsuccessful people are different from successful people. Where do you spot yourself in?

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People