U.S. Pizza Franchise Accepts Payment In Pesos From Spanish Patrons

(Thanks to Blair Lovern, from Dallas / Fort Worth’s PegasusNews.com, for giving me a heads up on this story) As a self-proclaimed “Marketing Dork,” I have to say that I’m quite proud to be a “Dallasite” today. There’s this pizza joint called Pizza Patron (59 stores), that’s headquartered here in my hometown of Dallas Texas, […]

Where’s My Extra Tartar Sauce!?!?

Here’s a lesson in acknowledging the “little things” that your customers appreciate… Last night “The Wife” and I headed over to our favorite guilty pleasure restaurant, Red Lobster. Ya see, Nannaw (My Grandmother) gave us a kick-ass $35 gift card to eat on some golden fried seafood – And it just so happened that we […]

Build Your Business With Sincerity

Here’s a little bit of Business 101, taught with a little bit of Life 101… Always, in all ways, run your business with sincerity in mind, just as you do with your life. Don’t try to fake your way through your business operations, because your customers will be able to see right through you. There’s […]

14 Tips On How To Create A Good Brand Name

If the name of your business blows, then you’ve got zero chance of success. I know that it sounds superficial, but unfortunately it’s true. 99% of the time it’s the name of your business that makes the first impression on a consumer – So your business’s name best be dressed for success. So how do […]

How Well is Your Online Advertising Performing?

In my personal opinion, online banner advertising is one of the most effective pay-for-placement marketing mediums you can use when you’re promoting your small business on a local level. The small business world seriously needs to wake up to the power of the web! If you know of any good local websites that are pulling […]

How To Be A Million Dollar Sales Psychic

I’m gonna be upfront with ya… If you’re not reading the minds of your potential clients, you probably aren’t making many sales. Before I even say “Hi” to a prospect, I know their personality inside and out. I know if they’re having a good day, or a bad day – I know if they’re friendly, […]

Marketing On MySpace – Why It’s Worth Your Time

(Please note: A portion of this article discusses the use of MySpace Bots. MySpace prohibits the use of bots or electronic friend adders, and both bizMAVERICKSâ„¢ and Brad Williamson discourage the use of MySpace friend adding programs.) Is there anything more popular these days than MySpace? I swear, the popularity of this social networking site […]

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