Upgraded SBB to WordPress 2.1

I’ve been a bit wary of updating to the newest version of WordPress but after seeing it work flawlessly on my other site, I’ve decided to bring it on board at Small Business Branding. So, after backing up the site/database and uploading WordPress 2.1, it’s safe to say that we can go back if we […]

Crowd Sourcing Your Tasks: Does it Work?

Seeing as most businesses have a limited marketing budget, a new and attractive option for webmasters and small businesses might be to use crowd-sourcing. Unlike hiring a freelance professional to do the work, you can put it to the crowd instead! They can write your code (like at www.cambrianhouse.com), give you ideas, advise you in […]

How To Market A Band “These Days”

Thanks to new technology and the ease of recording music these days, artists are able to produce wild tunes for people with even the most particular tastes. Many people don’t realize this but their bands (or Brands as we might call them) are effectively targeting ultra specific niches. They’re using marketing principles to create and […]

“Lightning In A Bottle” Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Lightning In A Bottle (aff) – A book on how to develop great ideas by two consultants at a leading market research firm. I decided to share this now, since many people have a New Years resolution to start a business or launch to a product — BUT this book is […]

Putting the Competition In Its Place: Market Positioning

You might recall, a little while ago, we asked you to submit questions to us about marketing and branding. Chris Lee, from Holy MoLee Wedding Photography did just that and has inspired me to discuss how you can compete in highly saturated markets. Sure there are lots of profitable niches out there, but how do […]

Firefox To Air TV Ads Soon and Marketing Tips For Your Own Projects

Instead of keeping their TV advertising campaign under the hood, Firefox has looked to their community of devout users, to develop commercials for the increasingly popular web browser. Interestingly though, this is an example of a trend that speakers at Mplanet 2006 are predicting to grow in popularity next year. Have you also seen the […]

Mplanet 2006 – Day 3 (The Final Day)

Today was the last day of Mplanet, yet it was equally as interesting as yesterday. I attended sessions on: Managing The Customer Experience Reinventing The Marketing Organization The Digital Age and Implications For Marketers Consumer Trends in The Third Age of Globalization In fact the day was so packed full of practical advice, I’m going […]

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