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Blogging For The Rest Of Us

Ed Roach

If you want to increase the value of your personal brand, I believe that there is no better and faster way than blogging. I have been involved with putting my opinion out there for all to view and rebuke for a little over year now. I AM NOT A WRITER by any stretch of your imagination. As a matter of fact I don’t type home-row but use a quick hunt and peck technique perfected over many years. I consider myself an, “Opinionator”. It gives an air of respect to my open views on things that I am passionate about.

You don’t have to be a computer geek or fork out wads of cash to get up and running. Do as I did, and jump in for free to start. I use So here is the deal, once you register with Blogspot: [Read more…]

Meet the new sales person – Marketing…

There has been a shift coming for some time, have you noticed?

Sales used to be about catalogs, cold calls, doughnuts, lunches and lobby phones. But, not anymore, now sales is about the post choice, transactional components; how many, how much, by when, shipping methods, warranties, etc.

Everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING is marketing. Check the new American Marketing Association’s definition in Rob’s recent ( 2/5/08 ) post. Marketing is no longer a “function”, but a process that includes every nook and cranny of an organization. Marketing is about “information”, both good and bad, that is available 24 X 7 X 365 to anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a friend.

“Marketing”, by this new definition, plays a much bigger role in terms of how goods and services get specified and purchased. Yet the sales and marketing budget components, which are their % relationships to one another, and their individual relationships, as a percentage of gross revenue haven’t really begun to change much. Why?

To me, this is because few see that Marketing is the new Sales. Fewer still see that Marketing is the best sales person they will ever have… [Read more…]

Is the Opportunity Real?

We’ve all been in that sales situation where you think you have it wrapped up and at the last minute it stalls. They stop returning your calls and emails, all correspondences are very short and to the point, the RFP is hanging out there, it seems like your prospect has simply fallen off the face of the earth.

So what happened? Were they not an ideal client or part of your target audience? Was there secretly a competitor with an inside track or existing relationship (hint: there usually is, but that’s a different ezine topic)? Were they simply shopping to see what’s available in the marketplace?

It could’ve been any of those, and more, so today I want to introduce a framework to help you evaluate each opportunity – before you commit to chasing it. I can’t claim this model as my own, though I’ve adopted it in my daily client interactions. [Read more…]

Advertising is, well – advertising…

I started this article on the way back from Scottsdale, AZ the day after two of the biggest sports events in the U.S. ended on the same day in the same town. The day, outside of writing, was spent taking part in a sort of “luggage treasure hunt” sponsored by my favorite low cost airline, but that’s another story.

Should the small, medium enterprise ( SME ) sector advertise?

Should large enterprise advertise? A much different question, but from a directional perspective the following test can be both fun at parties, and quite telling. Ready? But, first you have to agree that checking your TiVo is cheating, and Coke and Budweiser don’t count, because they actually are brands.

Deal? All right then, Go! – Name three companies that advertised during the Super Bowl, and what products / services they advertised? [Read more…]

You Wouldn’t Know a Good Idea If It…

Ed Roach

Let’s face it, what is a good idea?

To any one of us, it is based on our entire world view. The answer stems from our collective experience. Every day we have ideas to improve our businesses. Some we write down, others we file in the hard drive of our brain and others we let slip away. The point is we need to be always searching for that good idea that will help grow our business.

Where can you get this good idea? Is there a good idea store out there? Maybe there is a good idea pill. [Read more…]

Looking For a Signal…

For those of you that have seen the movie “Ray”, you might recall the scenes in which Ray Charles feels the wrist of young ladies he has been introduced to. Singer, musician Ray Charles was blind.

Today, we are all a bit blind when it comes to how we are doing relative to fundamental marketing goals, such as; Generating Awareness, Building Interest, Facilitating Trial Sales and Sustaining Repeat Sales.

So, like Ray, we are looking for “signals” from which we can design. But, how do we get those signals? In many cases there simply is no wrist from which to assess the situation, or even check for a pulse. Much has been written over the past several years about the unparalleled power customers now have, and it may seem to owners, executives and managers that are trying to grow businesses, that their desired audience is actually hiding and doesn’t want to reveal themselves.

Customers and members of a company’s desired audience are not the only ones with new powers. Desktop publishing, the internet, eMail, video and a variety of other new ways exist for companies to attempt to “connect” within a variety of venues relatively quickly and easily. But, which is the best? [Read more…]

Do You Know The New Definition of Marketing?

The American Marketing Association has revised the definition of marketing.You may have recognised, that in the past few years, the way which we communicate, share ideas and exchange value has dramatically changed.

People are discounting messages they encounter through the media, more than ever and marketers are forced to interact with customers on a wide variety of different channels. This, combined with the newfound power of individuals through social media, has called for a new definition to serve marketing practitioners and academics more appropriately.

Recently I was contacted by Christine Heath on behalf of the American Marketing Association and informed of a revision of the definition of marketing. It definitely piqued my curiosity, so I decided to take a look and see what changes they had made to the 2004 definition and what it means for us all.

Here is the AMA’s new definition of marketing: [Read more…]

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