Brand Values In A Recession

I recently attending a breakfast discussion at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor. It was facilitated by Dr. Fritz Rieger. The subject being discussed was how to anticipate the outcome of two companies joining forces, through Acculturation – a model of cultural adaption. He essentially outlines four directions the corporate cultures […]

Branding Your Business Through SEO

Here is an interview I did recently with with Joe Balestrino of Kevin: How did you come up with Joe: I had just started my small business, focused on search engine optimization and knew I wanted to come up with a name that would be memorable and would help me brand my business. […]

How To Guarantee Showing Up In Google

You might recall the article by Kevin recently where he asked should we brand our company or oursleves. Personally I encourage my clients to build three distinctive but interconnected brands: their corporate brand their employer brand their personal brand As you are thinking of naming your company, it is critical to consider the vision of […]

This Guy Is Responsible For My Small Business Having A Number One Google Ranking

Many years ago I launched my first serious small business, For the first few years it was a tough hard slog to get new clients. My marketing was okay, but it was very labor intensive since it focused on placing posters at university campuses to promote the editing service. If I didn’t put up […]

Marketing With Blog Directories – Review

Blogging, it’s all the rage these days. If you know me, you know I love blogs and I love blogging. A good chunk of my living is made from blogs and blogging and I constantly recommend them as a means to market your business and develop a personal brand (see Small Business Branding – It’s […]

Text-Link-Ads Review – A Monetization Solution For Small Business Bloggers?

This is a sponsored review containing affiliate links. I’ve been using Text-Link-Ads on this blog for a while as a means to monetize it. Far and away Text-Link-Ads is the best method to make money from a blog like this, focused on small business marketing and branding. The people behind the company contacted me through […] Product Review – A Beginner’s Perspective On SEO

(Note: This is a paid review for, which is a product that I’ve actually wanted to try out for a while now because I’m curious as to if it can effectively teach this novice about search engine optimization.) Ok, I’m about to throw my hat into the blogging game here in 2007 and I […]

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