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Putting the Competition In Its Place: Market Positioning

Holy MoLee wedding photography provides a premium photography service.You might recall, a little while ago, we asked you to submit questions to us about marketing and branding. Chris Lee, from Holy MoLee Wedding Photography did just that and has inspired me to discuss how you can compete in highly saturated markets.

Sure there are lots of profitable niches out there, but how do you go about differentiating yourself in a saturated market like wedding photography? I mean you can’t just expect people to find you amongst the herd of other businesses – you need to stick out!

So, what can you do?

Well here’s a little tool which will do just that…
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The Micro VC Maddy Fund & Kiva Entrepreneurs

Kiva’s third world entrepreneurs will be receiving some VC funding this Christmas… in the amount of $100 from the Micro VC Maddy Fund. is a microloan site that lends money to third world entrepreneures to help their businesses and grow markets and economies. So…

I’ve decided to facilitate this process and hopefully my daughter and I will learn from and teach each other something along the way.
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Create A Virtual Business And Make Real $$$

Would you like to unleash the entrepreneur within? Or the geek perhaps? Now there’s a way to do it even if you’re strapped for cash or unsure if your idea will work.

The “virtual” business world is here. And it’s thriving. If you’re not already acquainted with it, you may want to check this out. Second Life offers a community where you can create virtually anything you like!

Best of all, Second Life has a fully integrated economy, aptly titled The Marketplace, where you can make real money. Designed to reward risk, innovation, and craftsmanship, you can build your own business and test it out in the virtual world.

Residents create their own virtual goods and services.

Because residents retain the IP rights of their creations, they are able to sell them at various in-world venues. Businesses succeed by the ingenuity, artistic ability, entrepreneurial acumen, and good reputation of their owners.

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The Business of Business

For a long time I thought that business simply existed to make as much money as possible. While that’s still true, I believe that it’s only part of the story. The impact a business has on society is fundamental. It employs members of the community, drives the housing market, and fuels an enormous support organization of small businesses (grocery, dry cleaning, banking, insurance, etc…). Now that I’m a little older, I realize that making money isn’t the core issue. What you do with the money is the real key to happiness.

There is a growing trend in business to give back to society in a more measurable way than mentioned above. Businesses are no longer just in the business of business. There is more to success than shareholder value. They can leverage their knowledge of supply chain, communication, productivity gains to leave the world a better place. They can affiliate with causes that are complimentary to their mission that enable profitable growth and societal influence. And guess what, consumers love it.
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Start A Business For $100?

Carolynn set herself a goal of starting a business with $100. Then she did it.

She’s writing a blog of this effort at “The Hundred Dollars Business Blog“.

The $100 business is a consignment kiosk at a local mall here in Utah. She got the vendors to sponsor her rent and provide the inventory.

I stumbled on her blog because it’s become a kind of service project for all the local bloggers to spread the word.

Positive word of mouth will benefit you every time.
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Lessons From The Startup Front > Choosing Hired Guns

I feel like legendary Aussie salesman, Tim Shaw of “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” fame.

Initially my “Lessons from the Startup Front” was intended as one post, but when I started writing, it just kept coming. And coming, and coming. It reminded me of when you move house. You look around and it doesn’t seem like much, but once you start packing it just seems to come out of the walls.

So Tim’s infectious catch-cry came to mind. Alas, this post doesn’t come with a set of steak knives.

For those who aren’t familiar with Tim, he became a household name in Oz during his years as presenter of the Demtel commercials (through which he sold over $100 million in products) and permanently altered the Australian vernacular with that phrase. If you’re keen to find out more, check out his book, Best Seller. But wait, there’s more! He’ll even throw in a free autograph for ya.

So, here’s part three of my trilogy. I promise I’ll stop now. Maybe.
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Calling All Aussie Teentrepreneurs!

Last night I was scanning through an email from the Australian Anthill Magazine promoting the contents of their latest issue and read a call for all Aussie Teentrepreneurs to come forward. Then Jeff’s last post prompted me to put the word out.

Please note their deadline is this Friday, 15 December…


Last time we profiled Teentrepreneurs, they ended up being interviewed on Channel Nine’s Today show.

Due to popular demand, we’re dedicating Tunnel Talk in issue 20 (Feb/Mar 07) to exciting Australian Teentreprenuers. And we want your help.

Perhaps you know a Teentrepreneur. Maybe it’s your daughter, son, neighbour, gardener or client. Maybe YOU are a Teentrepreneur. We’re looking for entrepreneurial teenage success stories, especially female (come on girls, we want to get your story out there!).

If you know a good Teentrepreneur (lemonade stands don’t count), send us an email by Friday 15 Dec. [email protected]

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