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What Risk Zone Does Your Brand Occupy?

Bulky Package

In our daily lives we encounter risk in many forms. These risks involve crossing against a light, driving to the grocery store or mowing the lawn.

Much of it is minor stuff compared to risks we encounter in the course of running a business. How we face that risk has an impact on our brands. The business climate is a lot more complicated than it was even 10 years ago. A simple example is letterhead – where is it held, who controls it, how is it used? If I can steal it, I can be a company without their knowledge. It is much farther reaching then that! What if I stole shipping documents with the brand on it? I can then pretend to be part of the company and operate with minimal intervention both internally and externally (Customs or Police). This is no different then stolen identity at a personal level. [Read more…]

The Blame Game

We’ve all done it…you know we’ve made that almighty bodge up of something and it’s had a knock on effect and you can’t quite cover up the mess you’ve made, and well… you really don’t want to admit to it being because you didn’t understand how to use the technology/didn’t know how the systems ran. So what did you do…

[Read more…]

The Elements Of An Effective Marketing Plan

I believe one of the single most critical components to any comprehensive business plan is the Marketing section. I mean, regardless of how great your product or service is, no one will buy it if you can’t effectively target and reach your prospective customer base.

In my many years of PR and Marketing Communications, I have developed countless Marketing Plans for businesses of all types, sizes and at different stages of growth – from the fresh start-up to the established bellwether that is launching a new campaign. From these experiences, I have learned that a carefully researched, planned and executing Marketing strategy is imperative to the success of any business. [Read more…]

Winning the Selling Challenge

Selling is tough even for those of you out there who enjoy it. I enjoy it most when I am face to face with a prospective client. I have had success with public speaking, networking and referral efforts. One area where I fell flat on my face was cold calling. There is something about that cold hard telephone that intimidates me. But I am determined to conquer the fear regarding cold calling. [Read more…]

Do You Have a United Image?

I flew into Chicago recently, which is a hub for United Airlines. There were loads and loads of United planes there, of every size and shape…the ideal place for a unified, “united” brand image.

But that wasn’t the case. Because the planes also were of every branding scheme.

Once upon a time, when you saw United airplanes, they all looked like this:

Then, they went through a re-branding some years back, keeping some elements of the “U” logo, but making major color changes:

So far, so good. As always, it takes a while to re-paint planes, but soon, there were very few of the older design left flying. [Read more…]

Are Social Networks The Next Big Thing For Business?

Ok I’ll hold my hands up here and say that in the past I was less than taken with Myspace…even so much as taking to calling it the annoying younger sibling of blogging. To an extent I do still stand by that assessment, but if Myspace is the younger sister then Facebook is the toddler that’s growing up fast!
[Read more…]

Do a Quick Brand Check

Consumers are exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages a day. TV spots, radio ads, billboards, logos on t-shirts, packaging labels, coupons in the mail, pop up ads on the internet, kids selling cookies at the door – they are everywhere.

And yet you think the consumers you want to talk to are going to filter through over 3,000 messages a day – just to find yours. And because this task alone is not daunting enough, most businesses decide to make it harder by hiding their messages. If you are not consistent in ALL your marketing materials, you are wasting thousands of dollars and losing potential customers every day.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to check your brand’s consistency. [Read more…]

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