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How to Create your own Business

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it” – Goethe

Here’s a five step strategy on how to create your own business, illustrated by a personal example.

1. Set a Goal: It was July 1991 and I was sitting at the dining room table in my parents house. I’d read about goal setting and the power of writing goals down. For a few years I’d been thinking about starting my own business. I opened a page in my diary and wrote my goal “In April 1992 I will have my own business”.

2. Believe in YourSelf – Had I any idea what the business would be? Not particularly but because I worked in computers it would quite likely be in that industry. Had I any idea about how to run a business? Very, very little. Would most people think it was a great idea and tell me – “what a great idea Sean, go for it!” Very unlikely (in 1992 it was very difficult to get any type of a job in Ireland!). I was more likely to be told “cop on to yourself and stay with what pays the bills!” So I only told a few people. [Read more…]

Your Biggest Obstacle

Regardless of your role within your business, you have goals. You may own the place and set them yourself or you may have a boss that walked in and laid them out for you. Either way, there are things that need to be accomplished before year’s end or within a few years.

Reaching some goals is pretty easy so I’m not going to talk about low hanging fruit here. I’m going to talk about a goal that either scares you to death or exhilarates you. Take a moment to think about that big goal and answer these questions:

  • What would it mean to you if you actually achieved it?
  • How would you act differently after achieving it?
  • What would you take on that you’re not currently? [Read more…]

The Customer is Always Right!

What is it they say – “If it wasn’t for the customers, business would be a joyous thing!” Have you ever wondered what your customers think of you and thus by extension -your brand? If you are addressing your brand strategy correctly, you are striving to build strong relationships with your customers. You are probably doing your utmost to make sure that their every touch point with your company is a good experience. Do you have processes in place that addresses any problems that may arise? You don’t want your customer to dance around voice mail hell or get the cold shoulder by service managers.

Customer service should be exactly that ‘service’…

[Read more…]

The Dirty Little Secrets of Business – Part 2.

Ok you may remember in Part 1, how I told you all about how through hard work you would make a success of business and that no business – no matter how easy the owner makes it look has ever had an easy ride of things.

Well, here in Part 2 I’m going to let you into another dirty little secret of business that the business world will never really own up to.

So what’s the big secret? [Read more…]

A Fine Line Between Smart and Stuck

If you’ve followed my writing or blog at all, you know that I am a big believer in having a plan. Strategy is king. Today’s marketing dollars are too scarce to be wasted. The 4th quarter and early January seems to have most marketers knee-deep in research, budgets, what if scenarios and gantt charts.

All of that is well and good. And important. But there is a serious danger that you can get paralyzed in your planning. Smart is good. Perfect is paralysis.

Marketing is a healthy mix of art and science. Exacting precision is for engineers and surgeons, not marketers. We have to settle for darn close. The reality is we don’t have the luxury of operating in a sterile space…

[Read more…]

Expanding Your Brand and Earn Income From the Web

I came across and interesting new blog called, W Revenue Dot Com. The author is guy called Scott Wainner. What I like about this guy’s opinion is his straight forward attitude. I’ve read countless articles and opinion on making money on the web and frankly his is a breath of fresh air.

There isn’t a lot of hype and he shares a great deal of knowledge. Most other blogs tease a great deal, and are essentially excuses to sell something. They brag a lot about themsleves and don’t share ideas. Scott does not share these shortcomings. If you are researching strategies on making money on the web you might want to subscribe to his blog.

A colleague of mine, Robert Kingston from Bracing Your Brand, put me on to Scott’s contribution to blogging, and for that I’d like to thank him. Although my opinion was initiated as a sponsored review, I genuinely value it’s content. If you check the many comments, you will see that others share my opinion. Your visits here to my blog, and the communities we all build together, allow us to expand our successes, thus improving our personal and corporate brands. Selling relevant products on the web helps your audience to appreciate just how much you can assist them in their quest to improve. Following some of Scott’s opinions and case histories will go a long way to helping you realize your goals.

I hope that W Revenue Dot Com will be a welcome addition to your blog reading.

FREE Pocket Consultants

On a daily basis I read articles on blogs and forums on branding, marketing and sales. I check keywords and general discussions to see why so many people are out here searching. What is it we are looking for? I recently launched my first eStore and I’m building traffic. Other readers are looking for ways to increase their sales as well. We all know that the web is an incredible source for gaining knowledge on any topic. Every week, I submit an article to Small Business Branding on topics relevant to the site. We (the writers) all know the site is well attended and many read our opinions. My own personal bench mark for judging an article a success is the comments area. If one of my opinions gets a lot of comments, then I feel good that someone read something that touched them enough to encourage them to post their thoughts on the topic. [Read more…]

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