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The Cost of Repairing Compromised Integrity

integrityCustomers value a company’s trustworthiness. The brands that people follow and continually patronize are those offered by companies that put an optimum on high quality value delivery. So much so that whatever products or services carry brand names that align with their consumer goals as worthy of their continued patronage would always depend much on how companies maintain brand dynamics.

A high degree of brand value stems from a company’s competent management of all the information and data at its disposal. A company’s trade secrets, often the main bone of contention as to why it remains competitive against business rivals, also make up a large part of the sensitive info that it owns. That’s why when company IT infrastructures fail to protect proprietary information, sensitive data, trade secrets and customer information, it is the same company that is sure to incur financial losses.

The loss of trust

IT infra security breach is the single most destructive cause of data loss. This could occur in company IT systems via human error (accidental access), malicious online action (hacking attacks), and system failure. Once any of these three occur, data loss could lead to the company losing its competitive edge as trade secrets become open knowledge; customer mistrust owing to their personal information provided in full confidence being exposed; and the business’ integrity being held in question regarding its negligence with info.

At the surface, companies could quickly take steps to hem in whatever impact these occurrences could deal their operations. Contingency measures could, after all, be made at the ready prior to such unfortunate events.  What follows however, in the wake of a cyber security breach proves to be the costlier ones to tackle.

What you really lose

Proprietary information such as work processes, retail method mechanics, inventory control systems and the like that have been developed through years of profitable operations once illegally or accidentally turned over to the wrong hands online or offline impact companies via their operational technology value.

If you would calculate the number of experiential years and all the painstaking mindwork that have come into the acquisition of such knowledge to run any particular business, that would naturally be translatable to immeasurable economic value. Trade secrets, stumbled upon, developed, tested, and perfected by companies to profitable gain however, could be quantified financially via the resultant assets and physical infra that the company has like employees, establishments, stores, equipment and business phone systems. This could be calculable in terms of company net worth and brand equity. Whatever those values are, these are what companies stand to lose owing to data loss.

The most immediate cost that companies have to face up to once they fail to adequately protect their IT infra to prevent serious data loss are those that deal with repairing the lost trust and compromised integrity of the company. Regaining the trust of customers would naturally involve aggressive marketing efforts and a more serious customer relations management premised on that itself — making amends for negligence with info given in full confidence.

Reclaiming market ground lost to competitors who have finally gotten hold of your trade secrets would definitely put the pressure on your product/service concept development programs to speed up innovation to offset tech that has been lost to negligent IT management. This could be even more expensive but necessary to do since design thinkers and developers in your company would be hard pressed to come up with something new and just as brilliant but not with the same amount of time that the creating of the original innovation had.

Prevention would always be better than any cure. With IT systems, the adage applies just as seriously.

#13 Finish Well – It’s No Time To Quit Yet [Podcast]

Do you have a project you started earlier this year and let it slide to the way side? A new year is coming up really quickly it’s time to admit it – you failed. Right?

WRONG. It may be last days of the year but this is no time to call it quits and admit defeat yet. Listen in to find out why you need to pick up that project right now.


Key Takeaways

  • It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish
  • Re-starting is hard but it will only gets better now onwards
  • It doesn’t have to be all or nothing
  • Forget December 31st
  • You’ll feel stronger and start your year with more purpose and determination

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#12 You Have Permission To Rest [Podcast]

Do you ever feel guilty about resting? It’s easy to feel that way. That you aren’t doing enough in your business and resting is just a waste of time doing nothing.

But rest is not about doing nothing. No, it is far more than that. Listen to the 6 ways of resting in this episode to find out more.


Key Takeaways

  • Rest is not always about vegging out
  • You can rest and still be productive

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#11 The Evolution Of A Brand – A Case Study [Podcast]

What happens when you build a brand with one direction but find yourself headed in a different direction as you grow? This is exactly what happened to NAMS. In this episode, I bring David Perdew – founder of NAMS to share how that happened and what he did.

David has a lot of real world, plus corporate experience and wisdom to share. Be sure to listen in.


Key Takeaways

  • When you start your business, you don’t know what your problems are
  • Deal with your limitations of a rebranding as a small business
  • Don’t get too married to your brand
  • Your market is going to steer the direction of your brand
  • Consider acronyms

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5 Tips to Get Your Podcast Started Fast

‘Podcasting Renaissance’ – the fever that has caught the business owners badly. All are after having their own podcasts…rather their own Internet Radio Show.

Well, the reason might be the huge benefits that Podcasting have:

  •   Big or small, all business can use Podcast as a branding platform. Since podcast is simple and inexpensive
  •   Business has the chance to acquire a captivated audience with podcasts. Audiences can listen to the podcasts while keeping themselves busy in some other works.
  •   Podcasts literally echoes your business mantra inside audiences head
  •   Subscription to the podcast will automatically deliver it to your audience compared to emails or newsletters

trendsWill you like to become a podcaster? What will make your website or blog successful in that case? Why do business owners love to use podcasts?

The business owners should steer their venture with the current market trends. Podcasting is a million dollar business since an increased number of professionals have started to enter the game. To set the massive difference in the growth of your brand, business and audience, be the next big Podcaster.

Chalk Out a Plan for Podcasting

Podcasting is an excellent platform to share the content and is showing sign of resurgence with the thought leaders entering the Podcasting arenas in recent. (An excellent opportunity to have real good business profits)

If you want to enable a podcast for your business, have a plan and system for success. Podcasting is little difficult in the initial stage, but if you have a consistent approach then you can grow your business with an impact.

Take your podcasts as projects and ensure that they have a defined beginning and an end. Set up a workflow checklist for each episode. Have templates to show emails, follow-ups, pre-recorded intro’s video Screenflow templates, this checklist will help you to stay focused.

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Focus On the Date You Launch Your Podcast

Do you want your podcast to strike the chord of market with a loud bang? Then consider the launch date. iTunes the latest podcast traffic driver has enabled a feature called: New & Noteworthy. The two top rows forecast the trendy podcasts in session. So from the launch date you have 8 weeks to be the top 100 in New & Noteworthy section in iTunes.

Utilize this 8 weeks, how will you use it? – Release at least three podcasts on the launch day. The first weeks you must reach out to your audience asking them to download all three podcasts, then ask to leave a rating and review.

Simple math works out here: 100 subscribers will have 300 download in the first week and this help you to reach the top 100 in New & Noteworthy section. Once you reach the summit sit and watch your podcasts outperform.

Voice Talent Makes Your Podcast Stand Out

Add a flare of professionalism by hiring a professional voice for your podcasts. Record the intro and outro in his or her to set the huge difference in your production value. Key ingredient of a podcast is its host. A talented voice will keep your audience engaged for a longer time. A talented voice can make a crappy content exciting to hear.

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Podcast Length Is Important

Podcasts should be long enough to cover the essential details, but short enough to keep the note interesting to hear. If you are the sole speaker, then keep the length to fifteen minutes, and to extend the time you can add a few interviews. It is better to keep podcast short so that you do not exhaust the topic.

Get People to Visit Your Website or Blog

A podcast can help you to make people come back to your website or blog. While you run the show, remind your audience that they can always come to your website to get access to all the links mentioned in the episode. The listeners can easily browse through those links without playing the podcasts once more. Thus, you will be driving more traffic where all the actions take place. Make your journey easy with the use of redirect links or hub on your site where all your podcast shows stays listed.

Coming to the end of this blog piece, don’t you think to take up podcasting as your brand driver? In many aspects, podcasting is difficult than blogging, but one who hates to write will take up podcasting to make their brand perfectly.

Give it shot, as you have nothing to lose, create and re-create the new or stale content to boost up the traffic chart.

Author’s Bio

Jason Smith is a freelance tax consultant, financial writer (website) and a guest speaker is presently residing in NY. He is keenly interested in changing face of global economy, anything related to tech and social media. As a single dad, he often finds it hard to maintain the work-life balance but still manages to make time for his baby boy, his band and golfing buddies!

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5 Easy Steps To A Better Brand


Determine your brand values and be sure that they accurately reflect your brand. One way to be sure is this scenario: if you took away any one of the values would your brand cease to exist as that brand? If not, then the value wasn’t a true value.


Determine or develop a positioning strategy that makes your brand a leader in your category. This is not some fluffy slogan that merely inspires but is something that potential customers can resonate with and in many cases pay more for.


Own your color palette. Look to your competition and establish color as an icon that represents your brand exclusively. Think UPS.


Talk with stakeholders to be sure that their perception of your brand accurately reflects the reality of your brand. It is a good opportunity to validate your values as well.


Is your brand logo in sync with your brand culture? Does it need updating etc? Many graphic design firms and ad agencies believe branding starts here – pity. Your brand logo should reflect your values and also help to differentiate you. Your logo is essentially the face of your brand. It’s how the public is able to identify with you visually.

Naturally there is so much more to branding. But, if you are able to build these five steps into a cohesive message you will be well on your way to strengthening your brand and make it easier for you to sell your products or services.

Have You Been Using Twitter The Wrong Way?

I have been using Twitter for a while now but never knew about this. Awesome tip from Gary Vaynerchuk.

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